How to unlock, use and save Transmog looks in Diablo 4

We all know that, especially in RPGs, fashion is just as important as the build you’re sporting, and in Diablo 4 that’s no different thanks to Transmog.

Like other such systems, Diablo 4’s Transmog system allows you to take the look of one item and apply it to another with whatever stats you want.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock Transmog, as well as how to use and save various Transmog styles.

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The transmog system in Diablo 4 explained

For the uninitiated, ‘Transmog’ (short for transmog) is a feature where you take the appearance of one item and apply it to another, maintaining the stats and effects of the item you wish to equip, while modifying its appearance so that look like the same. whatever you want.

It is a feature that allows you to search for the equipment you want without worrying about its visual properties, since you have full control over its appearance with a separate set of tools.

Diablo 4 combines this feature with its in-game items and shop, allowing you to customize your character skins using gear purchased during gameplay or purchased from the in-game shop.

Diablo 4’s premium store with various cosmetic skins that can be purchased for each class.

It is also with this system that you can equip various additional accessories, such as the wolf pack that you may have acquired if you reached level 20 in the beta or server slam.

How to Unlock Transmog and Cosmetics in Diablo 4

Unlocking this system is quite simple and can be done very quickly after creating a character and jumping into the world of Sanctuary.

You only need to complete the initial missions of the game and reach Kyovashad, and soon after you will have access to a variety of vendors and features, including the Wardrobe that allows you to interact with the Transmog system.

The first step to using the Transmog itself is to acquire a piece of gear you don’t already own and “salvage” it at a blacksmith; If the skin can be used as a transmog skin, it will say ‘Unlock new skin in salvage’ in the item description.

The “Unlock new skin on recovery” message appearing on items for which you haven’t unlocked the skin option yet: This message appears at the bottom of the item details popup.

When you are at the Blacksmith, you can choose to salvage equipment manually, by rarity, or by marking it as “junk” on your character’s inventory screen and then salvage it. I personally ran into an issue where marking it as junk sometimes didn’t work, so I had to recover the item manually, which you can do by selecting the pickaxe icon on the left side of the screen, above the filters for rescue items.

Left: The Blacksmith vendor screen. Right: a set of items, all marked as trash, as indicated by the white cross on the icons; the pickaxe icon indicates whether or not an item can be salvaged for materials in general.

Doing so will unlock that piece of gear’s appearance as a transmograble option; a popup will appear on the top left of the screen to confirm this as well.

At the top left is the ‘Transmog unlocked’ popup that shows that an item’s appearance has been unlocked for Transmog, and at the bottom left are the various materials acquired by recovering items.

As shown in the image above, you will also get various materials that can be used to create and upgrade equipment by recovering items.

How to save and change your Transmog appearance in Diablo 4

Once you’ve recovered the gear pieces you want, head to a Locker to trade in your newly unlocked visual appearances.

Left: The closet found in Kyovashad. Right: The Wardrobe map icon found in Kyovashad.

All of the appearance options you’ve unlocked per gear slot will be displayed here, and it’s here that you’ll also be able to customize your character’s makeup, jewelry, markings, and tombstone using the tabs at the top also seen on the images below.

Showing chest and glove cosmetics that are unlocked by retrieving a version of the items beforehand.

When selecting a new look here, you’ll also be able to select various colors and tints to apply, allowing you to further fine-tune your look to your liking.

A selection of tints available to apply to the selected item’s Transmog appearance.

As an added bonus, even after applying a Transmog option on an equipped piece of equipment, you can disable it at any time with an option visible by hovering over the associated equipment icon on the character screen, allowing you to move back and forth between the original appearance of the item and its custom appearance at any time.

Left: The red icon that appears next to an item icon on the character’s screen to indicate that a Transmogrification skin has been applied to it. Right: The option to turn off the Transmog appearance for that item.

You’ll also be able to save custom looks with the ‘Outfit’ menu seen at the top right of the Wardrobe tab; However, purchasing additional slots requires gold with an increasing cost of up to 20,000, but overall it is a relatively cheap investment for you. fashion enthusiasts!

The ‘Set’ tab can be seen at the top right of the screen with a saved view shown below.

If you need some extra gold to acquire additional Transmog Ensemble slots, our guides on the Renown System and World Tiers can help, boosting your acquisition through difficulty or activity completion.

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