How to unlock attachments, weapon tuning in Modern Warfare 2

Weapon attachments have been revamped in Modern Warfare 2.

Unlocked by leveling weapons in multiplayer. However, unlike previous games, Modern Warfare 2 asks you to use and level up various weapons to unlock all of their various attachments.

There’s a bit of complexity to this new unlocking and customization system, so this guide will go in-depth and explain how to unlock attachments, how to use the new weapon tuning feature, and more.

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How the gunsmith and weapon customization work in Modern Warfare 2

Once you reach level four in multiplayer, you will have access to custom loadouts and the ability to manually equip, level, and customize weapons through the Gunsmith.

The Gunsmith is a menu you will spend a lot of time on if you want to emphasize your playstyle and weapon choice with various upgrades.

To access this menu, go to the “Weapons” tab in the main multiplayer menu, select the first option – “Multiplayer Gear” – and choose the loadout whose weapon you want to customize.

Once on the loadout screen, a selectable option will appear above any of the weapons you have equipped; Select it to customize the weapon.

The Gunsmith option on top of a selected weapon within a custom loadout.

This will take you to the Gunsmith screen, where you can choose and equip individual accessories for each part of the weapon, up to a maximum of five.

Each weapon has its own accessory availability, and some weapons have their own custom accessories, such as bolts on bolt-action rifles.

Initially, when a weapon is at level one, its accessory slots will be locked; As you use and level up, those slots will open up and allow you to trade in whatever accessories you want.

The Gunsmith weapon customization screen.

You can also change your equipped receiver on the Gunsmith screen, allowing you to change the type of weapon between what is available on the same platform. (We have more information on platforms and receivers in our explanation of how to unlock all weapons.)

However, keep in mind that changing the Receiver may remove attachments that are not supported by other Receivers; the game will notify you of this when you explore the other Receivers.

Incompatible attachment notification before switching to another receiver.

If a weapon cannot be customized with any accessories, it will take you to the “Customize” tab, where you can customize your weapon with various weapon skins, known as camos, charms, stickers, and more.

If you want to learn more about customizing weapons using camouflages, be sure to check out our guide on how to unlock the gold camo.

How to Unlock Attachments in Modern Warfare 2

Unlocking weapon attachments works in two ways: universal attachments and platform-specific attachments.

Let’s go through these one by one:

  • Universal attachments, once unlocked, apply to all weapons in the game and consist of:
    • Muzzle
    • under the canyon
    • Ammunition
    • Laser
    • Optical
  • Platform-specific attachments are unlocked only for weapons within that platform and consist of:
    • Barrel
    • Magazine
    • Stock
    • Back grip

For universal unlocks, although it will apply to all weapons once they are available, it may still require a specific unlock path; for example, the M4 has an optic that requires you to first level the .50 GS pistol to level 4.

Platform-specific attachments also encourage you to interchangeably use several of your available weapons within that platform, but are more limited to that platform.

This requirement is displayed below the name of an attachment when you hover over it in the weapon customization screen; you can see it in the image below:

The level requirement to unlock an attachment.

As a result of the above, many attachments will be blocked until you reach the required level with a specific weapon that is most likely not the one you are using.

You should also know that some weapons do not have access to all types of attachments, and others may have their own type of custom attachments; In those cases, accessories are unlocked by leveling the weapons within the same platform as her.

How to Unlock Attachments Quickly Using Weapon Vaults and Blueprints in Modern Warfare 2

In addition to unlocking individual attachments, there are two (albeit specific) ways to unlock things at once through Weapon Vaults and Blueprints.

Weapon Vaults in Modern Warfare 2 immediately unlock an entire Deck’s worth of weapons and attachments, and they all share the same aesthetic and theme, similar to Blueprints from previous versions.

At launch, the only weapon vault available in Modern Warfare 2 is FJX Cinder, available to players who own the Vault Edition.

This particular Weapon Vault fully unlocks the M4 platform and its associated weapons and accessories, all stylized with a black and red theme.

Although no others have been confirmed, signs point to this could be an obtainable Battle Pass reward or a purchase from the in-game store.

With a Weapons Vault, Weapons Platform-specific accessories are unlocked for immediate use.

However, universal accessories will remain inaccessible until unlocked normally; This will mean leveling the associated weapon to unlock the accessory.

If you own a Weapon Vault or Blueprint, its themed accessories are available to trade on each weapon compatible with that accessory via the accessory skins menu, shown in the image below.

The attachment skins option and menu.

Additionally, with a Weapon Vault, you don’t need to level a weapon to access its attachment slots – they’re also available immediately.

However, the weapon level will remain at the level it was before acquiring a Weapon Vault; This means that for features like Weapon Tuning, you will still have to reach the maximum level of the weapon to have access to it.

The weapon adjustment menu.

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How to Unlock and Use Weapon Tuning in Modern Warfare 2

Note: After being disabled in the days following launch, weapon tuning was re-enabled on Friday, November 4:

The attachment adjustment feature has just been re-enabled. More details on this update in tomorrow’s blog post ūüę°

– Infinity Room (@InfinityWard) November 4, 2022

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To unlock the weapon tuning for a specific weapon, you must reach the maximum level for that weapon.

New to Modern Warfare 2, this feature allows you to modify the individual stats of the adjustable attachments available for each weapon.

For example, if you’re using the M4 and equip it with the Edge-47 underbarrel grip, you can edit positive and negative stats to suit your taste; You can adjust the weight and length of the grip to affect its various stats.

To access this, head to the Gunsmith menu, equip an attachment, and if it can be customized, the “Melody” button will appear. Select this to customize the attributes of the attachment.

The tutorial screen for adjusting weapons.

You’ll come to a screen with a radar graph, a couple of sliders, and various information about the equipped weapon.

As you move each slider, increasing or decreasing a stat, one will increase while the other decreases; this is visible on the radar chart.

Increasing the grip weight will increase recoil stabilization, but reduce aim down speed (ADS), and vice versa if the weight is reduced.

Increasing the grip length will improve the weapon’s stability when aiming at idle while reducing the aiming speed when walking, and will do the opposite if you decrease the length.

This is a more in-depth feature to delve into once you start to hone in on the build and playstyle you want with the weapon in question.

As mentioned, this feature is unlocked when you level up a weapon to its maximum possible level, but the specific level varies depending on the number of levels per weapon: a weapon’s maximum level can be seen on the weapon selection screen or in his associate. Platform tree.

If you’re looking for the best weapons to pair with the weapon tuning feature, be sure to check out our best weapons guide, or if you want to know how to level up quickly, we have a guide for that too.

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