How to get rid of red mist in Redfall

Redfall may be infested with vampires and cultists, but the most annoying enemy might be the red mist that covers key landmarks and routes around the city.

When you enter an area covered in red mist, you take constant damage, meaning you will probably die if you try to search an area covered by it.

To help you on your travels through the spooky city, below we detail how to get rid of the red mist in Redfall, so you don’t leave any side quests, shortcuts or resources behind.

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How to get rid of the red mist in Redfall

There are two ways to get rid of red mist in Refall:

  • Use a portable UV gun
  • Use a UV light generator

Your goal is to clear the mist temporarily with one of these so you can kill the creature in the mist, as this ‘Death Mist Spewer’ is the source of the annoying substance.

Of the two methods, using a UV light generator is the easier, as it costs no ammo and tends to be conveniently placed near the edges of some fog areas. The downside is that not all red fog areas have a UV light generator nearby, forcing you to reach for a UV gun.

That will teach them.

For larger areas of red mist without a UV light generator present, you will need to equip a portable UV gun and then search for the huge creature, which is always within the area of ​​red mist, usually near the middle. Remember to stay on the edges or you will take damage!

When you find the Death Mist Spewer, hold down the fire button with your UV gun to petrify it, then quickly run up and melee the creature as the mist temporarily disappears. The red mist will permanently disappear when you kill the creature in the middle of a patch.

It is recommended to keep a portable UV gun on hand to ensure you can always remove the fog. They drop randomly, but there is another method that might get you one if you’re lucky…

How to get a UV ray gun in Redfall

As we mentioned above, most weapons in Redfall are random, meaning you can’t guarantee that you’ll find a UV gun somewhere, even if you previously discovered one in that area.

However, there is a way to try to force randomness in your favor, but it will cost you.

The best way to get a UV Gun in Redfall is by upgrading the stock at the Armory, located in the Fire Station. We recommend doing this only after completing the initial main quest ‘Two Birds One Stone’ so that there are more weapon slots to upgrade per cycle.

The armory is in the room with Anna and Joe.

The UV Gun isn’t guaranteed to show up as one of the options, but it’s a faster way to try and get one. It costs 2500 support each time you want to acquire new stock this way.

You can get more support by picking up random items on your travels through Redfall, such as board games, binoculars, and even toilet paper and some cute squirrel statues. Salvaging your unused weapons is also a constant way to get more support.

I hope you have fun exploring Redfall!

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