How to complete the Blaidd questline in Elden Ring

Blaidd takes the form of a wolf warrior and has a fairly extensive quest that you can follow throughout your Elden Ring game.

Although it is a long mission, it is worth it. In the end, you will be rewarded with the royal greatsword and armor set.

Blaidd the Half-Wolf’s questline also takes you through the game world, where you’ll see places you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered.

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Where to find Blaidd

Head to Mistwood in eastern Limgrave. This is the wooded area northwest of Fort Haight.

This is where you will see and hear Blaidd for the first time. | Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

You hear a howl in Mistwood Ruins, but you can’t do anything else yet. Go to the Church of Elleh and talk to the merchant Kalé about the howling you just witnessed. He will teach you the Finger Snap emote.

Return to the Mistwood Ruins and you will see Blaidd sitting on the highest point. Use the new emote near him and he will jump down.

Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Talk to Blaidd to find out that he is searching for a knight named Darriwil.

Second meeting

The second encounter with Blaidd takes place in Limgrave, in Forlorn Hound Evergaol.

In this fight, you can summon Blaidd to help you. | Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

The hound knight Darriwil is locked up in this prison. Click on the seal and you can summon Blaidd to help you in this fight.

After defeating Darriwil, talk to Blaidd again and he will give you two Somber Smithing Stones. He then tells you about a blacksmith named Iji, who can be found near the Kingsrealm Ruins in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Blaidd points you to Iji’s location. | Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Talk to Iji on the path leading to Caria Manor and tell him that Blaidd sent you. This will unlock the Carian Filigree Crest talisman in Iji’s trade menu.

Meet Blaidd at the Siofra River

Blaidd’s quest is closely related to Ranni’s quest at some points. After meeting Ranni in his tower in the Three Sisters area and accepting the quest from him, you will meet Blaidd again by the Siofra River.

In Mistwood, use the fountain that leads to Siofra right next to Minor Erdtree at this point:

Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Travel down and you will meet Blaidd east of the Site of Grace on the banks of the Siofra River, near a spiritual spring. Talk to him and he will send you to Seluvis (whose tower became accessible after the start of the Ranni quest) and then to the Sorceress Sellen.

The encounter with Blaidd at Siofra River is only an intermediate step and can be skipped. | Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Note: If you have already started the Radahn Festival, which takes place at Redmane Castle in Caelid, and met Blaidd there, you will skip the meeting in Siofra and continue with the fourth point below.

Meet Blaidd at Redmane Castle

Either way, Blaidd will next appear at Redmane Castle, where he and other NPCs (like Alexander) are standing in the plaza just before the boss fight against Starscourge Radahn.

Summon Blaidd in the fight against Radahn and talk to him again after your victory. It is standing right next to the Site of Grace Starscourge Radahn.

Fifth meeting

After defeating Radahn, Iji locks Blaidd inside the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave, where you can listen to some additional dialogue and free the poor thing. This step is optional.

Blaidd will remain in prison until you free him from it or until Ranni’s quest is completed.

If you want, you can free Blaidd from the seal prison. | Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Important: “Completing Ranni’s quest” means you must have the Great Sword of the Dark Moon. It is not enough to give Ranni the Finger Killing Sword of the Sacred Land of Night.

Complete Blaidd’s quest.

Once Ranni’s quest is over, Blaidd finds himself sitting in front of Ranni’s Tower in the Three Sisters area. He has become an enemy.

If you want to complete his mission, you have no choice but to kill Blaidd. Drop the Royal Great Sword and his armor, as well as the helmet (which you can find in the Tower of Seluvis). You have now completed Blaidd’s side quest.

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