How to beat Mucktorok boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Mucktorok Boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the final part of the Water Temple and the Zora quest Sidon. This little monster has been responsible for all the sticky mud you’ve had to fight through so far and now it’s time to get revenge.

Before entering this Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom boss fight, we recommend stocking up on arrows, hasty elixirs, heart-enhancing foods, stamina-enhancing foods, and weapons with attack damage greater than 15. Additionally, If you find this boss too difficult, the first time, head to some Shrines to collect Blessing Lights and exchange them for heart and stamina boosts, helped us a lot.

When you’re ready, we’ll be here to show you how to beat the Mucktorok boss in Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to beat the Mucktorok boss in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The fight with Mucktorok takes place in two phases, and the first phase is pretty simple if you’ve taken a Hasty Elixir to increase your movement speed.

In the first phase, Mucktorok will create a mud shark to protect itself and attack you. To defeat the Mucktorok, you must use Sidon’s ranged attack to hit the shark and wash the mud off the Mucktorok, then attack the exposed Mucktorok when you can.

Sidon’s ranged attack will actually damage the Mucktorok once you’ve used it to rinse the mud shark.

zelda totk mucktorok boss fight shark mud vertical

Here’s a quick breakdown of Mucktorok’s attacks he uses in the first phase and how to dodge them:

  • Charge Attack: The slime shark will stop moving and open its mouth while looking at you. Then they will charge you directly. If you’re feeling brave you can attack him like this or just dodge to the side to avoid getting hit.
  • Mud Tube – The shark emerges from the ground, opens its mouth and spits a stream of mud back and forth. Link can easily skip this attack if you do it at the right time. This is a good opportunity to attack the shark, as it is a slower attack that leaves it exposed.
  • Mud Slam: The shark will crash and send a shockwave of mud around it in all directions. Again, Link can easily dodge it by jumping over it.
  • Stalking: This attack is not actually an attack, but rather the way the shark moves. It sticks to the outside edge of the area and swims along the ground in a circle. While he’s doing this, you can easily attack him with Sidon’s ranged attack to reach the Mucktorok inside.

Once you rinse the Mucktorok’s Mud Shark, it will be exposed for a short period of time and that’s when you’ll need to attack it with everything you’ve got, but hold off on using your arrows for now if you can.

zelda totk mucktorok boss fight link attacking mucktorok

The higher your melee weapon’s damage stat, the faster this fight will be. Here’s a quick list of the weapons we used to defeat the Mucktorok and what they were made of:

  • Lizal Tail Whip – Royal Claymore + Lizalfos Tail
  • Captain I Blade – Strong Zonaite Longsword + Captain Construct I Horn
  • Blue Lizal Spear – Strong Zonaite Spear + Blue Lizalfos Horn
  • Build Bow: Found in a shrine.
  • Zora Shield – Found during the early stages of the Sidon of the Zora quest.

Now you must rinse and repeat this strategy of dodging attacks and then wash off the shark mud to attack the Mucktorok inside until half of its health is depleted. Once you get to this point, the second phase of the fight will begin.

zelda totk mucktorok boss fight angry mucktorok

Mucktorok Boss Fight – Phase Two

We recommend taking another Hasty Elixir or food for a speed boost at the start of this phase, and topping it off as you go, as a speed boost is really helpful.

Now, the Mucktorok are naturally pretty angry at you right now, so they’ve now covered the battlefield with puddles of sticky mud. This phase is a careful balancing act between clearing mud puddles while attacking the shark.

zelda totk mucktorok boss fight phase two mud pools

That’s right, the Mucktorok mud shark is back! This time, he has a new attack up his sleeve where he stands up and shoots a large amount of mud to rain down, sort of like uncomfortably sticky raindrops. If Link is hit head-on, it will hurt, so keep moving when this attack begins.

The shark will also recycle all the attacks it used in the first phase, so make sure to keep your guard up too!

As you did before, use Sidon’s attack to wash away the shark sludge and reach the Mucktorok inside. This is trickier as there are several mud puddles you can get stuck in. We highly recommend using Sidon’s ability to clear some while fighting; Otherwise, the entire area will be covered in mud.

zelda totk mucktorok boss fight phase two trapped in a pool of mud

After taking out the Mud Shark, the Mucktorok will start working towards the mud puddles it has created. If you can, try to give it a few hits while running.

Once the Mucktorok reaches the mud puddles, it will start swimming around them and this makes it very difficult for Link to run after it. That’s why we suggest saving his bow for this phase.

While jumping between the mud puddles, jump and aim your bow to activate slow motion. While in slow motion, hit the Mucktorok with one or two arrows. We found that bomb flowers attached to arrows were particularly effective here.

Once you hit the Mucktorok, it will surface and be vulnerable for a short period of time. Like you did before, run up to him and attack him as much as you can before he summons the shark again.

zelda totk mucktorok boss fight defeated mucktorok

Now all you need to do is rinse and repeat these steps until the Mucktorok’s health drops to zero. Once you do, you will have defeated him!

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom heart container to beat the Mucktorok
A good reward for your hard work.

Once you’ve defeated the Mucktorok, go and talk to Sidon again to conclude this part of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Congratulations!

Now that you’ve saved Zora’s Domain, you may be eager for more adventures in Hyrule. If so, check out our guides showing you how to increase weapon durability, how to use star fragments, and how to increase your inventory size in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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