How to beat Kale in Hi-Fi RUSH

Beating Kale in Hi-Fi RUSH will test everything you’ve learned so far. From your combos to special attacks and how to time everything to rhythm, it all comes down to this. One last showdown between you and the big boss of Vandelay.

Kale is the last person stopping you from turning off SPECTRA in Hi-Fi Rush. Your team will be by your side throughout the fight, so be sure to pay attention to Kale’s attacks and you can learn when using them will be most effective.

Without further ado, we’ll show you how to beat Kale in Hi-Fi RUSH.

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How to beat Kale in Hi-Fi RUSH

This is it, you have finally managed to face Kale. It will take a while to complete this battle, so make sure you are prepared before you begin. Make stops at the base to improve your moves or special attacks beforehand.

There are spoilers in the first section below, we recommend you get to this boss fight before continuing reading our guide.

stage one

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai and 808
It’s happening…

Now, the first stage of this boss battle is unlike anything you’ve encountered before in Hi-Fi RUSH.

Yes, it’s time for you to play as 808!

Chai is out of the count, so now it’s 808’s turn to be the hero. Kale will stand at one end of the room and shoot waves of fire at you. You, as 808, must run towards Kale while jumping at the right time to avoid getting caught in these waves.

Once you reach Kale, press the indicated control before he can launch any more waves. Then, look at your screen. Press the indicated control at the appropriate time when the circle turns green to have 808 cut off Kale’s claws.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai and 808 are sitting on Chai's shoulder
808 won’t let Kale hurt Chai!

If you manage to do this twice, Chai will wake up and you will play as him again.

Stage two

Once Chai recovers, the fight will continue on the roof. Kale will now have a series of new attacks that she will use during this stage of the fight until her health bar reaches zero.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai stands with 808 sitting on his shoulder.
Chai is excited now, it’s time to do this!

Like when you were trying to beat Mimosa, Kale is lightly protected and you will have to attack him repeatedly to wear down his barrier. Once he is down, he will be vulnerable for a short period of time and that is when you will be able to deal the most damage to him.

A green circle will appear around Kale and then turn red. When this happens, make sure you are not standing in or near the circle around you. He will summon electricity and the entire circle will be immersed in it.

Also, watch out for a green and red circle that will form on the ground where Chai is. Once it’s almost completely red, quickly dodge to avoid getting hit from above. You will have to dodge these circles at least three times each time Kale activates this attack.

While avoiding Kale, call Peppermint, as she can deal damage from afar, so you won’t need to get close to him to call her.

Hi-Fi RUSH, from left, Korsica, Macaron and Peppermint cheer on Chai.
Your team has your back, don’t forget to call them!

The next attack will also be indicated by a red line that appears in front of Kale. This will show where your sword attack will land. If you can jump to avoid this and land behind Kale, this is a good time to use some quick attacks.

Also, if you can, while you’re behind him, call Korsica and Macaron.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Kale artwork

Kale, like many of the other bosses, has fast attacks. If he’s not using another attack and looks at you and then turns to you, that’s a good indicator that he’s about to lunge. These attacks are pretty easy to dodge, don’t bother trying to parry them.

However, you can stop his next series of attacks. Well, not from him, but they come from the drones floating around him. One will shoot you on its own and blink before it does, this will give you time to prepare your parry.

Another drone attack comes from all of them. They will all blink in rhythm, try to remember this rhythm as it is time for their next attacks. All you need to do is stop them at the right time to return them to Kale and damage him.

Kale will attack you occasionally during the fight, you can dodge them and use your hook to get close to Kale and attack him. Again, when you are away from Kale, call Peppermint to deal some damage to her. If you are close to him, call Korsica and Macaron.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai attacks Kale who has half of his health left in the first stage
Attack and dodge at the pace to increase your ranking!

Another attack that Kale has is easy to anticipate. If she jumps into the air, make sure you don’t stand still or she will lunge at you and slash you. There are a few seconds after he jumps that you can move before he attacks, giving you enough time to get out of the way.

Near the end of this section of the fight, when Kale’s health has been depleted, you’ll need to stop pacing.

This works exactly the same as the previous boss fights, you’ll see the rhythm of their attacks appear above Kale’s head and see if you need to parry or dodge them as well. Try to remember this pattern and then parry or dodge his attacks in rhythm to wear him down.

If you do this successfully, you will move on to the next stage.

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Stage three

Kale’s health bar will regenerate and he also got some minor buffs. She now has four extra arms and a bunch of new attacks to look out for.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Kale with its four robotic arms
Now it can hold many cups of coffee…

One of his first and most important new attacks is that he will jump into the air and then lunge towards you. Dodge the path while jumping and run towards him once he lands. You will be briefly stuck on the ground.

Now you must call Macaron, as he will begin to break the shields on Kale’s new arms. While Macaron is punching him, you can launch some strong attacks against Kale. You must concentrate your attacks on one of his arms to break it. However, once Kale starts moving, you must back away or he will catch you with a quick attack.

When Kale begins to form a shield above her head, call Peppermint and she will quickly break it.

He also has a new dash attack, which works similarly to the previous dash attack, only he can go further. This means you need to make sure you are as far away from him as possible to avoid getting caught.

Kale will use these new attacks until he is trapped on the ground again. As before, he calls Macaron to break his arm shield and then focus your attacks on one of them while he’s grounded.

RUSH Hi-Fi.  Chai runs across the battlefield after Kale was upgraded to four robotic arms.
Keep your distance and wait for an opportunity.

Once Kale is active again, he will show another new attack while using the existing ones. This time, she will have the ability to use a flamethrower, but you can call on Korsica to counter those attacks without getting hurt.

Throughout this fight, call out Peppermint as much as you can, but try to save Korsica and Macaron for when they’re needed. Every time you remove Kale’s arms, he loses more health bar.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Kale extends its four robotic arms
Those arms are deadly, try not to get caught.

Continue attacking Kale when he is stunned, focusing your attacks on his arms to eliminate them until he has the last one left.

When Kale has only her last robotic arm left, she will gain another new attack. This is a very fast attack, he will slash you with his sword. When you see him raise his sword and throw it back, try to get as far away from him as you can.

He will use this new attack and then the others from this stage until you stun him again. Once he’s stunned, attack him once more to remove his last arm.

Once all of his robotic arms have been removed, you’ll move on to the next section of the fight. Wait, you’re almost there!

Stage four

Again, Kale has another upgrade. But don’t worry, you already know how to beat him in this section.

Kale uses the exact same attacks he used in the first part of his fight with Chai. The only difference is that this time they are faster and much stronger. Only stop when necessary and dodge the rest of the time to ensure you survive Kale.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai points his guitar
Don’t lose your cool, you’re almost there!

Use everything you’ve learned up to this point to wear down his health bar again. Once it reaches zero, you will enter the final stage of the fight.

Final stage

Don’t worry, you’re almost there, you just have a few more things to do.

When Kale’s health bar reaches zero, you will play the stop game again. Exactly like you did before, you will see the rhythm of his attacks appear above Kale’s head and see if you need to parry or dodge them. Parry and dodge in this pattern to begin ending the fight.

Then you’ll end up at the bottom and this is it.

Hi-Fi RUSH, the beat bar is at the bottom of the screen while Peppermint attacks Kale
Peppermint has a score to settle with Kale.

All you need to do now is press the indicated controls in time with the beat to team up with your allies and take him down!

Hi-Fi RUSH, from left to right are Peppermint, Macaron, Chai, 808 and Korsica
You did it!

Once you successfully take down Kale, you will have completed your mission. You stopped SPECTRA and returned Vandelay to what it should have been from the beginning: a place to help people!

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