How to acquire the Quickdraw Blaster in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The Quickdraw Blaster is a cosmetic set for Cal’s blaster in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It can be found in one of many optional areas hidden in places that require more than just your core moveset to reach.

You may have noticed one of these areas early in your game: near Rambler’s Reach Outpost in Koboh, there is a building that houses a set of brambles that hides a golden chest that requires additional equipment that is unlocked later in the story. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to avoid it.

It is in this building where you can acquire the Quickdraw Blaster once the obstruction is cleared.

In this guide, we will explain what Quickdraw Blaster is and how to complete the Hunter’s Quarry puzzle to acquire Quickdraw Blaster for yourself.

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Quickdraw Blaster in Star Wars Jedi Survivor explained

The Quickdraw Blaster is a collectible item that can be found inside a golden chest located in Hunter’s Quarry on the planet Koboh.

This item, rather than being a functional alternative Blaster, is a complete cosmetic set with barrel, body and grip components that can be used together as one or interchangeably with other Blaster components.

The Quickdraw Blaster cannon in the workbench customization screen.

Once acquired, you can trade each of these pieces at workbenches found throughout the game.

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How to complete the Hunter’s Quarry puzzle to acquire the Quickdraw Blaster in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

While this puzzle is relatively easy to complete, you will first need to spend some time playing the game to acquire the necessary items this puzzle requires.

Both the Koboh Grinder and Force Lift are required, and it is not until completing the main story objectives in Chapters 3 and 4 respectively that they can be acquired.

You can check the chapter progress in the menu by selecting the ‘Mission’ option within the ‘Databank’ tab.

Left: the Data Bank tab. Right: The Search page within the Data Bank page showing the progress of the story chapter.

Once you have completed Chapter 4, go to Koboh and travel to the Rambler’s Reach Outpost meditation point, which is next to a workbench.

A map of the meditation site: Rambler’s Reach Outpost is at the top right and Hunter’s Quarry is at the top left.

In front of Rambler’s Reach Outpost, head to the far left, enter the Hunter’s Quarry area to reach a large metal door under a yellow structure and use Force Lift to lift it.

Left: The metal gate visible in the distance from a rocky area above where a climbable wall can be found next to the meditation point. Right: The fence gate with the Force Lift message.

Enter inside and use the double jump and air dash skills, jump to the sliding wall in front of you to safely enter the room below; you’ll want to jump onto the center platform here to avoid the dangerous energy that swirls around this area.

On this platform there will be a tuning beam with an empty socket where an orb can be placed.

The tuner beam with an empty socket.

To acquire the orb, jump into the opposite room, ignoring the other room to the right of the one you’re in for now, and inside a connecting corridor will be the glowing purple orb you need.

From here, using Force Pull, grab the orb and throw it into the room you were in, and then return to the starting point, avoiding the dangerous energy as you go.

On the far right is the glowing purple orb in the hallway, and a Force Echo collectible behind it, and on the far left is the area you first drop into.

You’ll want to insert this orb into the socket, power the tuning ray, and burn the blockage on the other side of the room, allowing you to exit and head towards where you’ll finish this puzzle.

The lit tuner beam, top left, is where you first enter this room.

However, before you leave, feel free to check out that other room, transferring the orb from the tuner beam to the empty socket to create a safe zone; Inside is an Essence upgrade. Once you’ve picked it up, return the orb to the tuner beam and head outside to where the beam is pointing.

Left: The purple orb was in the small room on the right. Right: The interior of that room with the Essence upgrade on the left side of the image.

Once back outside, you’ll see the tuner beam hitting a building, and next to another, much larger one.

Using Force Push, open the doors of this building and you will see the lock inside that needs clearing.

The exterior of the building with the lock inside and the tuner beam to the left.

Switch to BD-1’s Koboh Grinder ability and create a trail of Koboh matter leading from the tuner’s beam to the building.

This will burn what’s inside, play a short cutscene, and clear the building.

Left: Firing Koboh Matter to connect the tuner beam to the bramble inside the building. Right: The burning bush due to the energy of the tuning beam passing through the Koboh matter.

You can now enter and open the previously hidden golden chest to acquire your Quickdraw Blaster game.

Purchasing the Quickdraw Blaster cosmetic set.

Head to any workbench in the game to customize the Blaster with your new barrel, body, and grip options.

Enjoy your new cosmetic options!

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