How Quickly Can You Spot The Duck? An Average IQ Person Took 28 Seconds!

IQ Puzzle: This picture puzzle challenges you to quickly find the duck in 6 seconds. It took the average person 28 seconds! You must have exceptionally high observation skills.

To further complicate matters, the duck is camouflaged in the scene. This means you’ll have to look closely and use your reasoning to find them.

If you can find the duck in 6 seconds, you are a true visual master. So, what are you waiting for? Start watching!

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How quickly can you spot the duck? It took a person with an average IQ 28 seconds!

picture puzzle find hidden objects

Research on the cognitive benefits of puzzle solving reveals improved cognitive skills, including visuospatial reasoning, attention, memory, and problem solving.

In this visual puzzle of a bathtub and bubbles, your challenge is to find the duck as quickly as possible to beat the 28-second record.

Here’s a tip for finding the duck: look for the duck pattern.

Your time starts now! You have 6 seconds to find the duck!

This viral puzzle will test your observation skills. You have to use your creativity to solve this one.

Hurry up! Time is running out!

Did you find the duck?

Don’t worry! We have provided the answer below.

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Did you see the duck in this 6 second picture puzzle?

Good job!

You have the sharpest vision. You have a higher visual IQ than the average person who took 28 seconds to spot the duck.

Find hidden object picture puzzle with answer

However, if you are still trying to find the duck, we have provided the solution below.

find hidden objects puzzle with pictures and answers

Did you enjoy this puzzle?

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