How sharp are your eyes? Spot 3 differences in the rabbit pictures within 13 seconds!

Spot the difference puzzles test a person’s ability to find differences between two images that are almost identical. They are a form of visual testing puzzles. These games are frequently used to measure a person’s observation and problem-solving abilities.

Find the differences Puzzles can be a difficult but fun way to hone your observation skills. It’s also great for relaxing and reducing stress. So if you’re having a bad day or looking for a way to challenge yourself and hone your visual skills and attention to detail, try a spot the difference puzzle. Luckily, today we have a nice one prepared for you. Should we start?

Find 3 differences in 13 seconds


Source: Brain Gym International

The above are two identical images of a rabbit in a carrot garden. Our adorable bunny hides behind a basket full of carrots, looking at the ones still planted in the garden. Yes, we know the bunny is too adorable, but don’t deviate from the problem at hand. The two images above are identical, except for three differences between the two. Can you find the differences in just 13 seconds? We count on you. You already know what to do. Go ahead, grab your smartphone and/or smartwatch and set a timer for 13 seconds. Your time starts now. All the best, guys.

To solve this puzzle of finding the differences, you will have to be observant and analyze each part of the image very carefully. The puzzle we have chosen for you today is relatively easier to solve than the ones we chose before. As you already know, we will provide you with the solution to this find the differences puzzle at the end of this article. Scroll down when you run out of time.

Find the solution to differences

Here are the three differences between the two rabbit images. Have a look:


Source: Brain Gym International

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