Science Quiz On Megalodon: Pre-historic Predator Who Eats Its Siblings In The Womb

Science Quiz Question with Answer: Megalodon is an extinct species of mackerel shark. The name of this largest and most powerful predator, Megalodon, means “big tooth.” It was on Earth between 23 and 3.6 million years ago. The giants belong to the clans of cannibal sharks.

It is believed that a growing baby needs a lot of nutritional energy, so a baby shark eats its siblings in the womb.

Megalodon, the giant prehistoric shark: size, history, teeth and facts.

Take the science knowledge quiz given below to get more interesting facts and information:

1. Megalodon is

a) a prehistoric shark

b) an ancient civilization

c) a lost city under water

d) A giant dinosaur

Answer. to

2. How long was the ‘Big Tooth’ on Earth?

a) Jurassic Period

b) was Cenozoic

c) paleozoic era

d) cretaceous period

Answer. b

3. What is the estimated size of the Megalodon?

a) 70-80 feet

b) 30-40 feet

c) 50-60 feet

d) 15-20 feet

Answer. c

4. What does the Megalodon eat?

a) Small fish and crustaceans

b) Insects and amphibians

c) Plants and algae

d) Whales and marine mammals

Answer. d

5. What does the name “Megalodon” mean?

a) huge tooth

b) giant fish

c) Prehistoric marine reptile

d) Ancient predator

Answer. to

6. What family of sharks does Megalodon belong to?

a) lamniformes

b) Carcharhiniformes

c) orectolobiformes

d) Squaliforms

Answer. to

7. How old are Megalodon fossils?

a) 100,000 to 500,000 years

b) 1 million to 5 million years

c) 10 million to 20 million years

d) 50 million to 100 million years

Answer. c

8. Megalodon fossils were mainly found in

a) Sahara desert

b) Amazon Jungle

c) Arctic tundra

d) Ocean sediments and coastal regions

Answer. d

9. What resulted in the extinction of Megalodon?

a) Climate change

b) Volcanic activity

c) Asteroid impact

d) Excessive hunting by humans

Answer. d

10. How big was Megalodon compared to today’s great white shark?

a) Megalodon was smaller than the great white shark

b) Megalodon and the great white shark were approximately the same size

c) Megalodon was a little larger than the great white shark

d) Megalodon was significantly larger than the great white shark

Answer. d

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