Football Manager 2023 best free agents and bargain players

Bargains and free agents are some of the most important players in the initial transfer window of any FM game, and Football Manager 2023 is no different.

It doesn’t matter if you take charge of one of the richest clubs in the world or Premiership relegation fighters like Nottingham Forest and Wolves.

Plus, it’s a way to keep your board happy and add additional players to your team, whether they’re worthy of starting right away or using them in rotation.

They won’t be household names, but that’s where the right training and team setup can help them reach their potential peak numbers and become valuable first-team selections.

List of the best free agents and cheap players in Football Manager 2023

Below is a list of 25 great cheap free buys that would be great additions for most clubs in Football Manager 2023:

Name Age Position Club Transfer fee (£million) Current salary (£kp/w)
Vicente Company 28 G.K. Gandia 0.03 0.22
Juan Fleré 24 G.K. Algeciras 0.028 0.35
Mateusz Kania 23 G.K. N/A Free N/A
Mateo Musacchio 31 d (c) N/A Free N/A
William Vainqueur 33 DM, M (C) N/A N/A N/A
Enock Kwateng 25 D(R), WB(R) N/A Free N/A
Alex Rey 24 DM, M (C) N/A 0.05 0.3
Denis Klinar 30 D, W.B. (R) N/A Free N/A
danny rose 31 D, WB(L), M(L) N/A Free N/A
Alejandro Sotillos 24 D (CR) Fuenlabrada 0.45 2.4
Martin Calderon 23 DM, M (C) vigo 0.7 2.1
Kelechi Nwakali 24 M, I AM (C) Ponferrada 0.95 3.3
eugenio 27 M, I AM (C) Saragossa 0.375 2.7
ryan woods 28 DM, M (C) City Helmet 0.35 11.5
Warren Tchimbembe 24 M (C), I am (R) Guingamp 0.5 3.3
Jordan Maria 30 DM, M (C) Dijon 0.7 6
Jason Holt 29 DM, AM (C) Livingston 1 1.3
danny elder 31 M (C), I am (LC) plymouth 0.35 5
Roli Pereira de Sá 25 M (C) Sochaux-Montbéliard 0.7 2.6
Ibai Gomez 32 M, I AM (RL) La Coruna 1 3.8
Pablo Mullin 27 S(C) Wrexham 0.25 4.5
Matej Vydra 30 I am (LC), S (C) N/A Free N/A
Jon Bakero 25 I am, yes (c) Pontevedra 0.085 0.925
Ilija Nestorovski 32 S(C) Udinese 0.4 21.5
Abel Hernandez 31 S(C) Atlético San Luis 1 8.5

How do we decide on our best free agents and traded players?

The way we chose our favorite freebies and offers was by selecting skill ratings appropriate to their position (for example, tackling for defensemen) with a score of at least 14 and more than 10 on two other criteria.

Many players beat those scores, so this list is just our favorite in FM23.

We also have an age limit of 33, so you can be sure you’ll enjoy at least a couple of years of these options below.

The first to arrive is Vicent Company. He is a goalkeeper in Gandia who has handling, reflexes and positioning ratings of (up to) 18, and an aerial range score of 16, so he could be an excellent first or second choice goalkeeper.

Alternatives include Juan Flere and Kania, the latter being completely free.

In defense, Mateo Musacchio is available again here and his numbers are great. With a playing history that includes Villareal, Milan and Lazio, as well as international experience, he could be the experienced commander you may need at the back.

Kelechi Nwakali also has international experience and scores excellently in passing, technique and agility, making him an ideal bargain for an attacking midfielder.

The same can be said of Eugeni in Zaragoza. Ryan Woods has plenty of experience in the second tier of English football, so if you are looking and trying to promote local favorites like Huddersfield, he is an ideal buy. However, Gómez is your best option, with an extensive career as a player at Athletic Bilbao.

Up front, Matej Vydra has played in the top flight for Burnley and at international level for the Czech Republic, making him the definition of a great gift.

At 30 years old, he could be a great member of a strike team along with any youngsters you already have on your team. The same happens with Abel Hernández and his contribution to Uruguay.

In short: there are many attractive options!

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