Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Dyne boss strategy

Dyne was Barrett’s best friend, whose tragic past in North Corel you will have learned about throughout chapters 7 and 8 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Having tracked him down to the end in the junkyard prison cell in the Corel Desert, there is no happy reunion as this is a boss fight that occurs towards the end of Chapter 8. And just like the original game, it is a confrontation against Barrett. only.

That makes the fight against Dyne more emotionally charged as two best friends fight to the death. It’s one of the few one-on-one fights in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but since both combatants have a weapon for an arm, the way this fight plays out is also quite different.

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to take on Dyne and put Barrett’s past behind you.

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How to prepare for Dyne in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Barrett will be the party leader and the only party member fighting Dyne. There isn’t much preparation for this fight, as long as you’ve been equipping Barrett with equipment. Like other boss encounters, there is a rest area where you have the opportunity to stock up on items and equipment or spend SP on your folios. The vending machine only has Hi-Potions, although by this point in the game you’ll hopefully have accumulated plenty of Mega Potions, which will be much more effective at healing you. Alternatively, equip Item Master Materia to make Hi-Potions more effective. With Item Economizer Materia, you will also be able to use potions occasionally without having to waste an ATB bar.

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As he fights one on one, Barrett’s synergy abilities won’t be useful, but early abilities like Steelskin and Maximum Fury will be useful here. If you haven’t already, upgrade his folio skill tree to increase HP, defense, and attack.

There’s no chance to grind at this point in the story, but if you were already at the recommended level in Chapter 7, then you should be fine. Once you’re ready, have Barrett go through the fence into what will be the boss arena, and then head to the container on the other side to find Dyne and a long cutscene will play out that will eventually culminate with the two facing each other. others in the arena with weapons ready.

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How to defeat Dyne in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The first thing you’ll notice about this fight is that, while it’s in a typical boss arena, there’s plenty of cover available, and since both characters have weapons in their arms, this is almost a bit like a third-person cover shooter. .

So as soon as you have control of Barrett, move out of the way and take cover, as Dyne will immediately start opening fire. When he has fired all the rounds at him, that is your window to go out and shoot him so you can fill your ATB. Use Steelskin at the first opportunity you get.

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However, Dyne won’t wait for you to come out of hiding. He has several skills up his sleeve. Paralyzing Shot has him shoot streams of electricity along the ground through cover, and if you don’t move out of the way, you’ll be paralyzed, leaving yourself open to more damage. He can fire firebombs, basically an explosive grenade that explodes on impact, but you’ll be protected by cover. There’s also Point Blank, where he attacks with a devastating attack, so you need to move out of the way when that message comes up.

When it comes to attacking, save your strongest abilities for right after he’s used one of his unique abilities and you’ll be able to pressure him, increasing his stagger gauge. In other words, be patient beforehand and focus on loading both ATB bars so you can get the most out of Maximum Fury. You can also Overcharge while in cover, so having both in reserve once you have an opening will be optimal.

However, this is just the beginning. When you’ve taken about 15% of Dyne’s HP, he’ll move into his next phase and start shooting explosive mines across the arena. These have a visible dome-shaped AOE, so you will have to avoid running towards them so they don’t activate. On top of this, he has a new attack called Regret which is like a railgun blast that really destroys cover, and you’ll also take some damage if you’re too close to him. So you have limited space to move safely and gradually you will have less coverage.

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Even with all these new annoyances, you should focus on charging ATB and Overcharge and waiting for your opening to use them to pressure him. Also remember to use Steelskin to recover your defense. Since you’ll be moving around the arena a lot, also consider locking onto Dyne, even if it’s just one target.

With about a third of his HP reduced, Dyne’s next phase will virtually render any remaining cover obsolete. Upon becoming fully Magneto, his weapon arm attracts all types of nearby scrap, transforming it into a massive scrap arm with long reach and strong hits.

Fortunately, the scrap arm is not permanent. However, it grants him a new move called Heedless Swing, where he swings it in a powerful arc both left and right before the scrap arm collapses. Paralyzing Wave, meanwhile, is like an upgraded version of Paralyzing Shot, except lines of electricity shoot out like a spiral wave, which again you’ll want to make sure you’re clear of. He’ll also grab more scrap for Executioner, similar to the scrap arm, except he’ll jump into the air and knock him down, so you’ll have to dodge. Then there’s Annihilation Beam, where it fires a full burst of beam-based projectiles in your direction, but you can dodge them by rolling to the side.

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Another move Dyne has is Hidden Barb, where it creates worm-like Scrap-Whips on the ground and they will shoot out of the ground below you. They also appear in his other Phantom Ray ability, as they fire from behind his back a bit like Doctor Octopus, each head firing random lasers in his direction. Another variant is Dying Rage, where everyone will focus their lasers on one target, but it can be easily dodged.

These attacks will still get in the way of all their other attacks, so one way to get them off your back is to target the Scrap-Whips. Maximum Fury is efficient at this as it is a long burst of fire and if you target a Scrap-Whip once it is destroyed, you will automatically target the next one. On the contrary, you can also save your firepower by focusing on reducing the HP of your main enemy.

Without cover, this can be a very relentless fight of attrition where you are slowly eroding Dyne’s health while drinking potions. But if you can take advantage of the small windows to unload your firepower after he’s finished his unique attacks, then you’ll be able to get through this faster. Also be sure to make use of Barrett’s pit fire limit when the opportunity arises, which will really help to chip away at a good chunk of his HP.

Dyne Reward in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Defeating Dyne will grant you 900 EXP and 10 AP, while you will also get 1200 gil and 50 party EXP. Technically, he’s not down yet, as another long scene plays out between the two former best friends, only to be tragically interrupted by the arrival of the Shinra soldiers.

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In fact, there’s more on the way, and as Barrett mourns the loss of an old friend, it’s up to Cloud and the rest of the group to hold the line and defeat the next threat that will conclude Chapter 8 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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