Final Fantasy 16 Sleipnir boss strategy

In Norse legend, Sleipnir is a powerful horse that belongs to Father Odin, and has also been portrayed that way in previous Final Fantasy titles. But while the associations with Odin are still relevant, the Sleipnir you encounter in Final Fantasy 16 takes on a rather different form and is also one of the trickiest bosses in the game.

You will face Sleipnir at the end of The Free Cities of Kanver stage during the main scenario quest ‘Cloak and Dagger’ in Final Fantasy 16. At this point in the game you will have the power of five Eikons to assist you in this. fight, so there are also different ways to approach it.

Below you’ll learn how to defeat Sleipnir in Final Fantasy 16, as well as how to prepare for this slippery opponent.

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How to prepare for Sleipnir in Final Fantasy 16

Sleipnir is one of the most difficult bosses you’ll face in Final Fantasy 16 as a sort of old-fashioned duel against a formidable opponent rather than a massive monster or a clash between Eikon and Eikon.

If you haven’t already, we recommend increasing Clive’s inventory size by completing the quest Strange Science, so you have more potions for this fight. Even if encounters during the level can also deplete your potion supply, should you finish the game you will at least be able to retry the fight with a fully replenished supply.

Of the five Eikons you have, it’s probably essential to have both Phoenix and Garuda equipped, as you’ll be able to shapeshift and use Flames of Rebirth to restore health with the former and also use Deadly Takedown and Rook’s Gambit to counter. with the latter.

For third place, it’s a choice between Titan or Bahamut, although it will depend on your play style. For melee-focused players who like to parry, the former’s Titanic Block is too good to pass up against Sleipnir’s attacks, while Wind-up does great damage when you have a chance to punish.

For players who prefer to keep their distance and evade attacks, Bahamut’s Wings of Lights begins casting Megaflare when activated. It also charges faster each time you dodge accurately, and the higher the level (which can be mastered up to level 4), the more effective it will be. Conversely, getting hit can also reduce your charge gauge, so waiting for it to be cast can prolong the fight if you’d rather stay stuck.

In any case, make your decision and spend all skill points before entering the courtyard where the battle takes place, since you will not be able to change Eikons once the cutscene starts or during the fight.

How to defeat Sleipnir in Final Fantasy 16

What makes Sleipnir a difficult opponent in Final Fantasy 16 is his speed. This is compounded by his ability to move annoyingly away or closer to you at any time, while his sword’s charging thrust can also quickly follow up with a combo. You can risk distracting yourself by anticipating the blow and letting your guard down afterwards.

Fortunately, he won’t perform a cheap attack as soon as he’s warped, so you’ll usually have a moment to anticipate what’s coming. The most common move is his lunge, so as soon as he veers towards you, he will step back, charge his sword back, and then lunge forward with a lunge. He immediately follows it with an upward movement and then a quick flurry of movements. As the push simply moves forward, he will turn towards you with these follow-ups, so don’t let your guard down just because you’ve dodged to the side.

It’s possible to counter the initial push with an ability like Rook’s Gambit or Titanic Block, but keep in mind that these won’t break the follow-up. However, a perfectly timed Rook Gambit will still freeze the action and land those counterattacks, while allowing you to dodge the attacks that follow immediately after.

Two other potential attacks that Sleipnir can perform after warping are throwing an energy projectile ball. This is easy enough to dodge, although you’ll want to follow up with a magic blast instead of a melee counterattack. However, he may have a blue aura that glows around him when he plants his fist into the ground, and you will suddenly find yourself surrounded by an ominous dark red ring. This continues for a few seconds before flames erupt from the ground. While you have a small window to evade these flames, Sleipnir continues to attack you during this time, so you must juggle your attention between looking at it and when the ground beneath you is about to burst into flames.

You should focus on trying to counteract the thrusts and then build up pressure to reduce their will. Rook’s Gambit is the most effective at this when timed perfectly, while Bahamut’s Impulse or Megaflare can also weaken him during the fight, but the latter will only be effective if you can cast it at his maximum level. When he is partially staggered, use Deadly Takedown to punish him further.

Once he’s staggered, take this time to dish out as many high-damage Eikon skills as you can, or if your limit break gauge is at max, use that as well, and if you’ve taken any damage, this status can also restore your health instead of immediately using your limited supply of potions.

When Sleipnir is at about two-thirds of his health, you’ll see a cutscene before he enters his next phase and gains a new weapon, Odin’s legendary spear, Gungnir. Fortunately, the first time you use this it will be a QTE, so press R1 when prompted for a cinematic evasion. But you will have to adjust the times for the next ones.

With Gungnir, he has some new attacks, always transforming the spear into white-hot flames with extended range. One has him loading the gun before giving it a wide swing. He will now also use it in his lunge attack, followed by side-to-side fire moves in a diagonal upward motion before doing a backflip and performing a fire charge lunge. That’s like a combo, but be careful as he can also do them as single attacks.

A special attack to also watch out for is Scar of Nibelung, where he leaps into the air before plunging the spear into the ground, emitting huge waves of flame that then spread. You’d better keep your distance when this attack comes up.

As big and damaging as these new attacks are, they aren’t immune to dodges, so again, it’s a matter of carefully watching what he’s about to do, timing your dodges before counterattacking while continuing the process of lowering his gauge. of will to increase even more. deals more damage to your health bar.

If you are taking damage from his attacks, be sure to use your limits or also use the Phoenix Flame of Rebirth to recover health before using your potions, if possible.

Once Sleipnir is at a third of his health, he has another nasty trick up his sleeve called Dead Man’s Bier. Here he will levitate in the air, glowing with fire and surrounded by flames so that you cannot reach him. Once he disappears, bolts of flame will fall to the ground.

These are telegraphed with red rings of death before the actual attack, so you’ll have time to run away from the explosion. This will be followed by a few more pillars of fire that materialize on the ground, and when they explode, they will send shockwaves of fire into the ground, which you can jump over or dodge with precision. When Sleipnir rematerializes, he will send two of these shockwaves side by side at once and perform a dive similar to the Nibelung Scar that emits waves of flame. Talk about exaggeration.

The good news is that if you manage to dodge all of that, you’ll be left vulnerable on the ground for a few seconds to recover, so it’s the perfect time to jump in and unleash all your high-damage abilities.

He also has a couple more attacks in this phase, including Creeping Darkness, where he sends balls of dark electro magic towards you, but which you should be able to escape. There’s also Ratatoskr, where he shoots fire bolts at you, much like the first half of Dead Man’s Bier. Either way, these happen fairly quickly and are not difficult to evade.

Ultimately, you need to stay alert for Gungnir’s quick and ferocious attacks, as well as Dead Man’s Bier, and make sure to get back in for the hard hits when the times arise. Just don’t let your guard down because even when he’s low on health, he’ll still fight hard.

Sleipnir Rewards in Final Fantasy 16

Defeating Sleipnir in Final Fantasy 16 will net you 5,200 XP, 420 Skill Points, and 3,500 Gil, with crafting materials in the form of 2 Sanguine Insignia, 45 Wyrrites, and 2 Meteorites as loot.

But while you emerge victorious in this fight, the bad news is that you have an even tougher enemy to face that you are not prepared to face, and despite your best efforts, the Free Cities of Kanver are not looking. cool at all. As for Sleipnir, let’s say you haven’t seen the last of him yet.

It wouldn’t be Final Fantasy without a few twists, right?

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