FIFA 23 RTTK upgrade tracker, including Road to the Knockouts players and ratings

Road to the Knockouts returns for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and this year’s dynamic card team, which can be upgraded based on your team’s real-life performances, is full of players who are great at the metagame and great at the exchange.

Some of these cards have fantastic buffs right out of the gate, but if your teams can rack up a few real-life wins, let alone qualify for the knockout stages, then they get really spicy. However, keeping track of each player’s path to their upgrade can be tricky, and then there’s the question of when exactly the upgrades will arrive.

Luckily, this guide covers all that information, so if you’ve packed up an RTTK and need to know when it’s going to be updated, or if you fancy dipping your toe into the tides of the transfer market and trading these cards, check out the guide. below to stay up to date on everything Road to the Knockouts.

In this page:

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FIFA 23 RTTK Progress and Tracking

Road to the Knockouts cards are in packs until Friday, October 15, 2022, but will be available to purchase second-hand on the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team transfer market. Because these are dynamic cards, their stats can be improved based on your team’s performance in real life, and this will affect their price.

The tracker below features all RTTK cards, including SBC and Objective players, their ratings, and progress towards their next update.

Last update: Monday, November 6

Player Ratings Earn update Rating update Positions Nation and club
Lionel Messi Start: 92Current: 94 Earned: 2 Qualified R.W., R.M. ArgentinaPSG
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Start: 89Current: 91 Earned: 2 Qualified S.T., C.F. GabonChelsea
Thomas muller Start: 88Current: 90 Earned: 2 Qualified CAM, C.F. GermanyBayern Munich
Phil Foden Start: 88Current: 89 It is no longer achievable Qualified LW, LM, CAM, CF EnglandMan City
Niklas Sule Start: 87Current: 88 It is no longer achievable Qualified C.B., R.B. GermanyBorussia Dortmund
federico valverde Start: 87Current: 88 It is no longer achievable Qualified CM UruguayReal Madrid
Gerardo Moreno Start: 87Current: 88 It is no longer achievable Qualified S.T., C.F. SpainVillareal
Patrick Schick Initial: 87 Current: 87 It is no longer achievable It is no longer achievable S.T., C.F. Czech RepublicBayer Leverkusen
Thomas Lemar Initial: 86 Current: 86 It is no longer achievable It is no longer achievable C.M., R.M., L.M. FranceAtletico Madrid
Martin Odegaard Start: 86Current: 88 Earned: 2 Qualified CAM, CM NorwayArsenal
raffin Initial: 86 Current: 86 It is no longer achievable It is no longer achievable R.W., R.M. BrazilBarcelona
Bremer Initial: 86 Current: 86 It is no longer achievable It is no longer achievable C.B. BrazilJuventus
joao mario Start: 85Current: 87 Earned: 2 Qualified CM PortugalBenfica
Dejan Kulusevski Start: 85Current: 87 Earned: 2 Qualified R.W., RM, C.F. SwedenSpurs
Martin Terrier Start: 85Current: 86 It is no longer achievable Qualified L.W., L.M., S.T. FranceRennes
Ibrahima Konate Start: 85Current: 87 Earned: 2 Qualified C.B. FranceLiverpool
Lucas Paquetá Start: 85Current: 87 Earned: 2 Qualified CAM, CM, CF BrazilWest Ham
Savio Moreira de Oliveira Start: 85Current: 87 Earned: 2 Qualified R.W., R.M. BrazilPSV
Robin Gosens Start: 84Current: 86 It is no longer achievable Qualified L.W.B., L.B., L.M. GermanyInter
Zambo Anguissa Start: 84Current: 87 Earned: 2 Qualified MDL, CM CameroonNapoli
Aaron Wan Bissaka Start: 84Current: 87 Earned: 2 Qualified R.B., R.B.B. EnglandMan United
Ismael Bennacer Start: 84Current: 87 Earned: 2 Qualified MDL, CM AlgeriaAC Milan
Jonathan Ikone Start: 83Current: 86 Earned: 2 Qualified R.W., R.M. FranceFiorentina
Moses Simon Start: 82Current: 86 Earned: 2 Qualified L.M., S.T., L.W. NigeriaNantes

FIFA 23 RTTK update times

The final set of ‘Win Upgrades’ was released on November 4, along with all of the ranking upgrades, meaning that the Road to the Knockout player cards are now in their final form. They will not be updated anymore.

FIFA 23 - Road to knockouts
Image credit: EA Sports

How Road to the Knockouts works in FIFA 23

By default, Road to the Knockouts cards are upgraded versions of their base cards. For example, Lionel Messi’s Rare Gold card in FIFA 23 has a rating of 91, but his UCL Road to the Knockouts card has a base rating of 92.

RTTK cards can also receive two additional boosts if your team achieves certain goals in real-life European football:

  • Win Boost: Players will receive +1 to their stats if their team wins two of the three remaining matches in their group. This is based on when the promotion was released and is essentially the team’s last three group stage matches. So, for example, Messi’s PSG would need to win 2/3 games against Benfica, Maccabi Haifa and Juventus. PSG drew the first game of that run, meaning they must beat Haifa and Juventus if Messi is to secure an improvement in wins.
  • Ranking Boost: Players will receive another +1 on top of their stats if their team qualifies for the knockout rounds of the competition, essentially if they finish first or second in their group. This upgrade can be obtained even if the team does not get the winning upgrade. (Teams that finish third in their UCL group and are demoted to the Europa League do not qualify for this upgrade.)

Players do not actually have to report to their club to earn these upgrades as they are awarded based on the club’s performance and not the individual. Although it clearly wouldn’t hurt if they kept running a little to influence the result in their favor.

One thing worth mentioning here is that postponed games can also count towards improved earnings. This is relevant for Martin Odegaard (Arsenal) and Savio (PSV), because previously the matchday two between their clubs was postponed. EA says these clubs still only have to win two of the remaining games to get the win boost, although they have four chances instead of three.

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FIFA 23 RTTK Trading Tips

Like Ones to Watch, Road to the Knockouts cards are useful for trading and fluctuate greatly in price during the period in which they can be influenced by real-world outcomes. Trading dynamic cards can cause people to lose a lot of coins, but if you know what you’re doing, they can also be a useful way to make a windfall.

The key is to buy cards when they are least desirable and then sell them during advertising periods. ‘Buy low, sell high!’ It may sound simple, but understanding when these cards are low and high is the tricky part.

  • How it works: RTTK cards typically go up in price before a player’s last game. They can also go up during the game if the team keeps going and looks like it will ensure progress toward improvement. In theory, they will also increase slightly as we get closer to the release dates for the wins and rating updates.
  • When to buy: Knowing when RTTK cards will go up, the idea is to buy before then, when people are not really thinking about them. These cards are also equally susceptible to macroeconomic factors in FUT, such as price drops during market crashes and high pack supply. Picking up one of these cards at those moments is ideal. For example, the post-Weekend League sell-off on a Monday may be a good time to snap up a player who won’t play until Thursday. Just pay close attention to price trends on sites like Futbin and Futwiz and time your purchase carefully.
  • When to sell: You might imagine it makes sense to wait until the team wins or qualifies, or when EA is about to pull the trigger on upgrades. No! That’s when everyone will try to sell the cards. You eagerly want to sell to people who are trying to make a quick buck. Having bought cards when they were low, try selling them at the start or during the first half when the stock is neutral, as they are likely to be higher at this point.
  • High Risk Trades: If you want to make high risk trades with these cards, you can watch the matches and try to anticipate what will happen. Let’s say the favorite falls 1-0 in the first half and people start to panic and sell the card, causing its price to drop. If you think the team will come back and still win, then you can take the card at its lowest point and wait for it to rebound. Just keep in mind that it may never come as football is a fun old game!

Whether you want to play with RTTK cards or earn coins with them, we wish you luck!

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