Can your eagle eyes spot Mickey Mouse hiding in the Little Mermaid picture within 8 seconds?

Optical illusion puzzles are designed solely to trick and deceive people. They are often amazing graphics of things, animals or even people. The goal of optical puzzles, like the ones shown here, is to develop your observation skills and attention to detail. To increase the aforementioned abilities, simply follow the instructions and locate the hidden object, animal and/or person. And you must complete all this within a specific time frame; Only then can you improve your cognitive talents. So, are you ready for today’s optical illusion challenge? Let’s start.

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Find Mickey Mouse in 8 seconds


Credit: Disney | playbuzz

The image above is a still from the 1989 Disney animated film, The Little Mermaid. Although the photo is of The Little Mermaid, Walt Disney’s most emblematic figure, none other than Mickey Mouse is hidden here. Can you find Mickey in just 8 seconds? Let’s see how sharp your eyes are.

Oh, we forgot to tell you one important thing, in addition to Mickey Mouse, his best friends, Donald Duck and Goofy, are also in the photo. Then you have to find all three of them.

Are you ready? Set your timers. Your time starts now. All the best.

Did you know there is an official Mickey Mouse Day? Yeah, we’re not kidding. November 18 is recognized as the aforementioned Day because, on that day in 1928, the iconic mouse appeared for the first time in a film. We bet you didn’t know this curious fact. Anyway, back to today’s optical illusion puzzle.

Have you found Mickey and his friends yet? The solution is just below.

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Optical Illusion Solution

Here are Mickey and his best friends:


Credit: Disney | playbuzz

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