Only legends can spot ‘c’ in 6 seconds!

Seek and find puzzles are one of the popular online activities that test readers with an intriguing picture in which they need to find a hidden object.

Search and find puzzles are presented in the form of images. They are a fun and challenging way to improve your critical thinking skills, which also help you learn to think innovatively and find creative solutions to problems.

You can keep your brain active and prevent cognitive decline in old age by practicing these types of mindful activities for some time each day.

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Test your observation skills by detecting 3 differences in 9 seconds. Now!

Can you find c in 6 seconds?

point c in 6 seconds

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The image shared above shows a letter grid containing the letter e.

Your task is to detect a ‘c’ on the letter grid within 6 seconds.

So focus your eyes and mind on the image and see if you can spot the letter “c” within the time limit. All the best!

This is a simple challenge that tests the acuity of your eyes.

Have you seen the letter?

Hurry up; time is running out.

Most of you will have already seen the letter ‘c’.

If you are unable to detect the letter ‘c’ within the time limit, you can refer to the solution provided below.

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Find c in 6 seconds – Solution

The letter ‘c’ goes back to the seventh row and seventh column of the letter grid. It is marked with a circle for easy identification.

Find c in 6 second solution

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