Bergmite 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Bergmite preview in Pokémon Go

This week’s Featured Hour is about the Ice Chunk Pokémon, Bergmite. This means that this is a great opportunity to search for a perfect Bergmite in Pokémon Go.

While Avalugg, the evolved form of Bergmite, has been used in competitive play in Pokémon Go, it is really only seen in Master League. And since Bergmite is a relatively rare spawn, usually only seen in winter, and since it hasn’t had a Community Day event, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on a perfect 4* Bergmite or a perfect 4* Avalugg. If this is one of your favorite Pokémon, there has never been a better opportunity to catch them all.

Even if you don’t like Bergmite, you should try to catch as many Pokémon as you can during this week’s Spotlight Hour because of the double candy catch bonus offered along with the event.

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Bergmite’s 100% Perfect IV Stats in Pokémon Go

This week’s Featured Hour is a great opportunity to catch a Bergmite with perfect IV stats.


“Perfect” means two things in Pokémon Go, depending on how you plan to use a given Pokémon. First, there’s the max build, 100% IV, which is the 15/15/15 you’re looking for for your 4* Pokédex, Raids, and Master League. However, because of how CP is calculated using three stats, a perfect Pokémon IV is usually just the best version of itself in the Master League.

Of course, you can’t see a Pokémon’s IV without catching it first, but with a little research beforehand, you can quickly spot a perfect Bergmite based on CP alone.

If you’re at level 30 (or higher), you’d ideally want to look for the following CPs for a perfect 15/15/15 Bergmite:

  • Level 30 (Max Wild CP) – 1041 CP
  • Level 35 (maximum wild CP boosted by weather) – 1128 CP
  • The wild CP value aligns with your trainer level until you reach level 30, and since the majority of the player base is now above this level, we’ve kept these values ​​for the sake of simplicity. However, these values ​​will be different if you are currently below level 30.

    Is Avalugg good at PvP?

    Avalugg is a very mixed group in Go Battle League. It’s a decent Ice-type attacker in Master League; but oddly enough, he’s pretty awful everywhere else and is quickly overtaken by the competition.


    If you want to run Avalugg, ideally consider Ice Fang, Avalanche, and Body Slam as your second charged move.

    Clearly, this isn’t the best matchup, as the likes of Walrein and Abomasnow left Avalugg in the diamond dust. Ice Fang deals a lot of damage and Avalanche can deal a lot of damage, but is not as spammed as the rest of the class. Body Slam offers a reasonable neutral bait, but it’s not a moveset you’ll get excited about. If you choose a better fast move like Powder Snow, this would be a different conversation – this is part of the legal move set, so hopefully when Bergmite finally has a Community Day we’ll see it rise up the charts. classification.

    For now, you’re better off skipping Avalugg for Grand League and Ultra League, as they simply can’t compare to their icy superiors.

    However, Master League is a whole new ball game. While Abomasnow caps at 2670 CP and Walrein at 3081 CP, a perfect Master League Avalugg stands tall with a titan of 3615 CP, and is second only to Mamoswine, who runs the annoyingly powerful Powder Snow. This means that if you have a perfect Avalugg and you don’t like Cousin It’s evolved form, Avalugg is the way to snow.

    Thanks to Avalugg’s extreme bulk and fast-moving high pressure, you can expect wins against all non-steel dragons, along with flying types like Lugia and Gyarados. However, you will lose pretty quickly against Steel-types, as well as Mewtwo, Excadrill, and Zacian.

    If you’re interested in trying out Avalugg in these leagues, or if you want to wait for a better moveset, you’re looking at the following stats for the respective leagues:

    • 02/15/15 for the Great League
    • 00/14/15 for the Ultra League
    • 15/15/15 for Master League

    The Season of Adventure Abundance is here! Its first event is A Paldean Adventure, which sees the true launch of Gen 9 and the special research mission A Paldean Adventure. You can also work on the Timed Investigation: Master Ball mission and compete in Go Battle League. Be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, complete routes, use Daily Adventure Incense for a chance to encounter Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres. This incense can also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

    Is there a shiny Bergmite in Pokémon Go?

    Yeah! There’s a shiny Bergmite in Pokémon Go starting this month.

    Everything in Bergmite’s evolution line is an Ice-type Pokémon. (Image credit: | Image credit:

    The shiny form of Bergmite was released as part of the Winter Holiday 2022 event.

    While there is no Hisuian Avalugg in the game yet; will be added to Pokémon Go on Christmas Eve 2022.

    What does brilliant Bergmite look like?

    As you can see below, the bright Bergmite is very subtle, simply changing its lowlights from the usual whitish to a yellowish tone.

    Likewise, the brilliant Avalugg changes the violet bands on its legs and ears to a yellowish gold color.

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    Thanks to Reddit user HappyNesTN for the handy preview.

    Other tips for this hour of attention

    Besides trying to catch a shiny Bergmite in Pokémon Go, there are other good reasons to participate in this week’s Spotlight:

    • The best reason is, of course, the double candy catch bonus that runs throughout the hour. This gives you the opportunity to collect candy twice as fast as usual, and each Bergmite caught will give up to 13 candy if you use a Pinap/Silver Berry with a Mega Evolved Pokémon of the same type, instead of the basic 3.
    • This bonus also extends to research rewards. Remember, you don’t need to catch these Pokémon when you complete the task; If you run away, you can “stack” up to 200 Pokémon for times like this, or when you want to max out a Star Piece or Lucky Egg bonus.
    • If you’re a newcomer, this Featured Hour is the perfect time to collect enough Bergmite Candies to fully evolve this Pokémon and enter all of its evolutions into the Pokédex.
    • Thanks to Bergmite being an Ice type, catching a bunch during this Featured Hour will add progress to your respective catch bonus medal.

    Spotlight Hour events only last one hour: from 6 pm to 7 pm (local time). Next week will be the time when Cubchoo takes center stage, giving you the chance to get double transfer candy, so start sorting out your storage and labeling everything you want to transfer next week!

    Good luck finding a perfect Bergmite!

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