Genshin Impact 4.0 tier list in August 2023 for best characters

This Genshin Impact tier list for August 2023 during version 4.0 for the best characters will help you to choose your party – from your main DPS, healer, or support.

Even though Genshin Impact makes it possible to complete most challenges without having all the best characters, understanding where a character is placed in relation to others helps you to make important decisions.

Below you’ll find our Genshin Impact tier list and who are the best characters for main DPS, healing, and support in the gacha game, as of version 4.0 in August 2023.

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Genshin Impact tier list explained

In Genshin Impact, many factors are relevant when discussing why a character is good or not. Although some of them can be taken as logical, listing the characters is also a subjective gesture.

In this list, we ranked the characters based on their innate power (stats and skills), utility for party composition, and how much time and resources would be reasonable to spend on them.

Genshin Impact’s endgame is all about defeating enemies really fast, so characters with explosive damage or good synergy are the best ones.

Following is our tier list of every character in Genshin Impact and, please, remember that this list was made based on our interpretation of the topics we explained, so you may see things differently.

Version 4.0 is here! Our Fontaine guide can help with Fontaine’s Reputation and the Fountain of Lucine, and you can also redeem new codes for Primogems if you want Lyney – and check him out on our tier list. For improving Lyney, you’ll need lots of Rainbow Rose, and Lynette requires Lumidouce Bell.

You’ll also need luck from the Pity and 50/50 systems to Wish with Fate for them and future Banners, and you always need the right Adventure Rank for events.

Elsewhere, we have tips and tricks for beginners, Dendroculus locations, fishing locations, and TCG card locations.

Genshin Impact tier list for best characters in 4.0 August 2023

We have far more details below in each individual tier list that we highly recommend reading before deciding anything on what characters to upgrade, but to give you a general idea of where each character sits during 4.0, we’ve abbreviated this information in a simple table below.

At a glance, as of August 2023, here’s our current Genshin Impact tier list:

Tier Characters
S-tier Alhaitham, Bennet, Fischl, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Kazuha, Ayaka, Ayato, Nahida, Raiden Shogun, Venti, Xingqiu, Yelan, Zhongli
A-tier Albedo, Arataki Itto, Beidou, Cyno, Diluc, Eula, Jean, Keqing, Kokomi, Lyney, Mona, Nilou, Shenhe, Tartaglia, Tighnari, Wanderer (Scaramouche), Xiangling, Xiao, Yae Miko, Yaoyao
B-tier Baizhu, Barbara, Collei, Diona, Faruzan, Gorou, Heizou, Kaveh, Klee, Kujou Sara, Kuki Shinobu, Layla, Lynette, Qiqi, Rosaria, Sucrose, Yanfei
C-tier Candace, Chongyun, Dori, Kaeya, Kirara, Mika, Ningguang, Noelle, Razor, Sayu, Thoma, Traveler, Xinyan, Yoimiya, Yun Jin
D-tier Amber, Aloy, Deyha, Lisa

Divided into their tiers, here’s detailed information of what we think of every character in Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact S-tier characters listed

The S-tier characters are the best ones in the game due to their efficiency in terms of damage output and utility for the whole party. From Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Burst to Ganyu’s charged attack, all these characters are best in what they do.

An important factor that all of them share is how good they are to trigger or benefit from elemental reactions.

Here is the Genshin Impact S tier list in alphabetical order of the best characters as of version 4.0 in August 2023:

Name Stats Element Reasoning
Alhaitham Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1039ATK: 24.39DEF: 60.85 Dendro As an on-field main DPS, Alhaitham is a desirable 5-Star to pull for. His Dendro application can react with other elements while he’s normal attacking for great DPS numbers. His only downsides come from if you already have good Dendro appliers, or if you don’t like the pressure of trying to constantly maintain three of his Chiseled-Light Mirrors for his maximum DPS potential.
Bennet Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1039ATK: 16DEF: 65 Pyro Even as a four-star character, Bennett excels in being a great support for many different types of parties. This character has the capacity to buff damage and heal with his Elemental Burst.
Fischl Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 770ATK: 20DEF: 50 Electro In Genshin Impact, an unity’s value can come from how useful it can be to help other characters or to trigger elemental combinations without being in battle. Fischl works as an important piece in compositions that need constant electro damage to mix with other elements – and her role was given a buff even further with the introduction of the Dendro element in 3.0, making her one of the best sub DPS supports in the game.
Ganyu Five StarsLevel 1HP: 763ATK: 26DEF: 49 Cryo Besides being a character that applies Cryo pretty well, which is a strong element to use, Ganyu has great damage potential thanks to her kit. Her ability of charged attacks that can hit groups of enemies makes her one of the best characters in the game.
Hu Tao Five StarsLevel 1HP: 1211ATK: 8DEF: 68 Pyro A great possibility for many situations in the current patch, Hu Tao is going to be the centre of many parties. She is basically a brute elemental force that can obliterate enemies.
Kaedehara Kazuha Five StarsLevel 1HP: 1039ATK: 23DEF: 63 Anemo Kazuha is an amazing five-star unity thanks to all the utility he can bring to your party. He is an improved version of Venti in terms of grouping enemies, taking advantage of the Anemo interaction with other elements and he will still buff the party.
Kamisato Ayaka Five StarsLevel 1HP: 1001ATK: 27DEF: 61 Cryo Cryo interaction with other elements is currently great and Ayaka excels in inflicting it to enemies with her Elemental Burst. Her valuer comes also from the range covered by her burst.
Kamisata Ayato Five StarsLevel 1HP: 1068ATK: 24DEF: 60 Hydro Ayato’s kit allows him to not only apply Hydro to a considerable number of enemies, but to also deal a great amount of damage. There are better units to apply the Hydro element, but the damage that Ayato has will help you save a lot in your party for different support.
Nahida Five StarsLevel 1HP: 807ATK: 23.27DEF: 49.06 Dendro Nahida is undoubetdly the best Dendro character in Genshin Impact so far, as she can perform both a main DPS and support sub DPS hybrid role to create and set off Dendro core reactions – ideally with Hydro or Electro team members. As a handy bonus, her exploration Talent is also one of the best in the game.
Raiden Shogun Five StarsLevel 1HP: 1005ATK: 26DEF: 61 Electro Shogun is a flexible unity, working very well with different parties. While her damage is great, Shogun’s most positive aspect is her Elemental Burst that besides the damage helps the other party members by producing elemental particles.
Venti Five StarsLevel 1HP: 820ATK: 20DEF: 52 Anemo Venti finds his place as a S Tier character due to how useful he can be. Grouping enemies and dealing more damage once his skills come into contact with other elements are part of why you want to have Venti in your party. Besides that, thanks to his passive, he can help your party with elemental particles.
Xingqiu Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 857ATK: 17DEF: 64 Hydro Xingqiu is one of the best supports in the game, working well with different combinations of characters. He not only brings some damage mitigation in his kit, but also an Elemental Burst that transforms any character into a fast Hydro-applier – he even provides a little healing. With Dendro, he’s become even better than he was, slotting into Bloom and Hyperbloom teams as one of the best choices, if not the best, as a Hydro applicator.
Yelan Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1125ATK: 19DEF: 43 Hydro Among all the options in the game’s roaster, Yelan is a great damage dealer especially for parties based on quickly changing characters. Her Elemental Burst is great to apply Hydro, although she can’t do it as efficiently as other units to provoke elemental reactions with elements like Pyro or Cryo. With the introduction of Dendro, however, she has become much more valuable than she even was before, especially in Bloom or Hyperbloom teams.
Zhongli Five StarsLevel 1HP: 1144ATK: 20DEF: 57 Geo Geo characters are hard to work with due to how their element work. However, Zhongli is so powerful that this doesn’t matter. The value he brings to the party with his shield is unquestionable.

Genshin Impact A-tier characters listed

Genshin Impact characters in the A tier are still amazing ones, but they end up having a less decisive role in general. They are not as complete as the S-tier characters or some limitations in their design make them rely on specific conditions.

These characters have great synergy among them and with S-tier characters, making them great units to have. Their capacity to trigger elemental reactions or benefit from them is amazing.

Here is the Genshin Impact A tier list of best characters in alphabetical order as of version 4.0 in August 2023:

Name Stats Element Reasoning
Albedo Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1030ATK: 20DEF: 68 Geo This five-star unity is great to work as a second damage dealer. His Elemental Skill can work even with him out of the battlefield while his Elemental Burst has good damage too. Keep your main damage deal fighting and change to Albedo whenever his cooldowns are back or Burst is ready to use!
Arataki Itto Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1001ATK: 18DEF: 75 Geo Arataki Itto is a strong character whom you can use as your main damage dealer since he does a lot of damage with his attacks and charged attacks. Itto, however, suffers from the fact that to make him work perfectly you will need a party with more Geo characters.
Beidou Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1094ATK: 19DEF: 54 Electro Beidou earns her spot as an A-Tier character since she has an amazing capacity to deal damage while working pretty well with other characters. As an electro character, Beidou fit perfectly in some of the most powerful party compositions you can find in Genshin Impact.
Cyno Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 972ATK: 24.76DEF: 66.89 Electro Cyno has a very fun normal attack playstyle with big main DPS potential. You need to have Dendro or Hydro team members to make the most out of his damage numbers, which is a bit limiting – but effective if you do have them and good Energy Recharge to pair with Cyno.
Diluc Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1011ATK: 26DEF: 61 Pyro Diluc is a powerful claymore user with great damage potential. Thanks to his Elemental Burst, Diluc can apply pyro quite well to enemies while being your main damage dealer.
Eula Five StarsLevel 1HP: 1030ATK: 27DEF: 58 Cryo Eula has the best attack damage in the game so far, working perfectly as your main damage character. Besides that, she is also great to trigger Cryo reactions.
Jean Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 770ATK: 20DEF: 50 Anemo Jean’s kit was built to make her heal and crowd control which can be great for some content in the game. Although she doesn’t excel in any of the two roles, she works well besides being an Anemo character.
Keqing Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1020ATK: 25DEF: 62 Electro Keqing is the only sword electro user in the roaster which makes her quite special. Her abilities used to be sub par in triggering element reactions, but after the Dendro element was introduced in 3.0, Keqing essentially received a huge buff thanks to the way her Electro application works with Dendro.
Sangonomiya Kokomi Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1049ATK: 18DEF: 51 Hydro Among the healers in Genshin Impact, Kokomi may be the better one. She can fit in parties looking for Hydro supports since Kokomi’s skills synergize well with a considerable number of characters. She is particularly effective as a healer in Dendro parties.
Lyney Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 858ATK: 24.76DEF: 41.88 Pyro When used in a mostly Pyro team, especially with Bennett, Lyney is one of the best DPS’ in Genshin Impact. Although he mostly uses bow charge attacks, Lyney is actually good in AOE situations as well due to his Elemental Skill and some helpful Burst damage. With an easily understandable playstyle, he’s a great pick if you’re in need of a Pyro DPS.
Mona Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 810ATK: 22DEF: 51 Hydro Thanks to Mona capacity to apply Hydro constantly, she becomes an important character for party combinations that work towards inflicting the Freeze, Vaporize, and Electro-Charge. Considering how strong some of these elemental reactions are, she brings a lot of value to the party.
Nilou Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1182ATK: 17.88DEF: 56.72 Hydro Nilou has a very particular playstyle that you must pair with Dendro and Hydro characters to get the best support and DPS potential out of. She produces fantastic damage numbers, but is limited in effective team comps, most of which require you to have S-tier characters. You have to do a lot of research before bringing her on to your team.
Shenhe Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1011ATK: 24DEF: 65 Cryo Shenhe August not carry a party by herself, but she can be of great help considering her abilities. Her Elemental Burst creates an area of effect which decreases the enemies’ resistance to physical and Cryo damage. Seeing how powerful party compositions based on Cryo characters are, Shenhe works as a perfect support.
Tartaglia Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1020ATK: 23DEF: 63 Hydro By being a hybrid hydro main damage dealer, Tartaglia is a great character to use in your party. And although he does a lot of damage, he can’t necessarily compete with Ayato.
Tighnari Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 845ATK: 20.85DEF: 49.06 Dendro Tighnari has a pretty unique playstyle, using charged attacks with his bow in order to get the most DPS potential out of his kit. Combined with a low Elemental Burst cost and his ability to apply lots on Dendro to the field, he’s a solid DPS main only let down slightly by his single-target focus instead of AOE DPS potential.
Wanderer (AKA Scaramouche) Five StarsLevel 1HP: 791ATK: 25.51DEF: 47.27 Anemo Scaramouche can fly! This not only makes him a fantastic exploration team member, but he can hover above enemies to take no damage while you unleash his powerful normal attacks – making him a powerful DPS character. Pairing him with Pyro and Cryo characters enhances his damage even further, while Electro and Hydro characters extend his flight time. A very useful character to have for many situations.
Xiangling Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 912ATK: 19DEF: 56 Pyro This is one of the most well-known characters in Genshin Impact not only because she is present in every advertisement piece shared. Thanks to her Elemental Burst, Xialing is an amazing character to induce elemental reactions off-field.
Xiao Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 991ATK: 27DEF: 62 Anemo Xiao qualifies as a A-Tier character thanks to how strong he can be as the main damage dealer. By bringing support characters to help Xiao to use his Elemental Burst, you can achieve high numbers.
Yae Miko Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 807ATK: 26DEF: 44 Electro Yae Miko has her flaws, such as the high energy cost for her Elemental Burst as well as how vulnerable she may find herself while using her Elemental Skill. On the other hand, she is a great electro additional damage dealer who can leave her skill in the field giving the other characters some support.
Yaoyao Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1030ATK: 17.81DEF: 62.95 Dendro Yaoyao is the only Dendro healer, so should be considered for Bloom, Quicken, and Burgeon teams. Her Burst is okay at healing, but its Yaoyao’s Elemental Skill that offers the best healing capabilities. If you need somebody to apply some Dendro while healing, Yaoyao is great in that role – freeing up a team slot by combingin Dendro and healing, if you need it.

Genshin Impact B-tier characters listed

The B tier is where characters that have some potential, but are not the best in what they do were placed.

While some of them can work as great supports and healers, they will be used as second options for A-tier characters that you don’t have yet or just in very specific scenarios and compositions.

Even so, they are still pretty useful and can work well giving support to characters from the higher tiers.

Here is the B tier list in alphabetical order of Genshin Impact characters version 4.0 in August 2023:

Name Stats Element Reasoning
Baizhu Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1039ATK: 14.99DEF: 38.89 Dendro Baizhu can provide you with Dendro application while healing for the whole team, but other Dendro characters do better in AOE situations, making him a more suitable team mate for single target enemies. This can help you against tough Spiral Abyss bosses, but also hurt your chances of clearing floors with lots of enemies. His biggest flaw is that Yaoyao is arguably a better pick than him in most Dendro and healing situations, and she’s a 4-Star.
Barbara Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 821ATK: 13DEF: 56 Hydro Barbara’s kit is all about healing, a role she fulfil quite well even being a free unit. She can heal party members by staying in the field and attacking enemies while using her Elemental Skill or with her Elemental Burst. The fact she heals a considerable amount of health of every character in the party with her Burst is what makes her a great option as a healer.
Collei Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 821ATK: 16.74DEF: 50.36 Dendro Collei is a great pick for a Dendro sub DPS support character due to her AOE Dendro attacks that will stay even when she’s off-field, allowing you to combine it with other elements like Electro and Hydro to take advantage of the Bloom and Quicken elemental reactions. However, she does have a long Elemental Skill cooldown time, and you’ll need to unlock her C4 Constellation to take full advantage of Collei’s sub DPS support capabilities.
Diona Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 802ATK: 18DEF: 50 Cryo As a Cryo support, Diona can be a great unity to have in your party. Besides having a shield and healing with her Elemental Burst, Diona is also a great battery of elemental particles for stronger Cryo units that work as main damage dealers.
Faruzan Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 802ATK: 16.47DEF: 52.65 Anemo Faruzan fills the role of an Anemo utility for characters like Scaramouche and Xiao, shredding Anemo Resistance and providing Energy Particles. As she needs Constellations to fully maximise her potential, and there aren’t a huge number of Anemo DPS characters, she slips a bit in the best character rankings.
Gorou Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 802ATK: 15DEF: 54 Geo The archer Gorou is an essential party member for a geo formation, bringing a lot of utility for characters like Arataki Itto. Even so, he can help to mitigate some damage if having no other geo character on the team.
Heizou Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 894ATK: 18.88DEF: 57.34 Anemo Heizou is both a great DPS main and sub DPS support character, due to his ability to consistently trigger Swirl and his crowd control abilities. However, his Elemental Skill does have a long cooldown, and how good Heizou is depends on your team, so make sure you have someone like Xiangling or Fischl in order to take advantage of his Swirl for maximum DPS potential.
Kaveh Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1003ATK: 19.59 DEF: 62.95 Dendro If you need an affordable Dendro applicator with some DPS potential, then Kaveh is a solid pick. As Dendro is such a good Element for making so many reactions, even though his kit isn’t the greatest compared to 4-Stars of other Elements, Kaveh will probably help you clear content more – especially in Hyperbloom teams. Just keep in mind that other Dendro units can do what he does better.
Klee Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 801ATK: 24DEF: 48 Pyro The adorable Klee is a strong pyro-damage dealer who throws bombs all around. Her damage is great, but due to how her kit works it is hard for Klee to fit different parties.
Kujou Sara Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 802ATK: 16DEF: 53 Electro Kujou Sara is splendid support for other party members by increasing their damage, but her true potential is hidden behind a considerable amount of investment from players in terms of equipment. She is a flexible character who works well alongside other electro characters.
Kuki Shinobu Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1030ATK: 18DEF: 63 Electro As an electro character, Kuki Shinobu may find her spot in compositions in need of an electro support. Her Elemental Burst is an area-of-effect attack that can help the main damage dealer. Kuki essentially received a buff in the 3.0 update with the introduction of the Dendro element, maing her a more viable healer and sub DPS support when paired with Dendro characters.
Layla Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 930ATK: 18.16DEF: 54.94 Cryo Layla is a very good Cryo shielder and decent Cryo applier, and her only real downside is that there are other characters who do these things better. Still, with a 100% uptime for her Cryo shield as long as it doesn’t break, she’s a good pick for teams that need some protection while also applying Cryo. She also excels at protection against Cryo enemies.
Lynette Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1039ATK: 19.41 DEF: 59.69 Anemo Lynette pairs well with other Elemental types in Genshin Impact, as she can combine with these elements while off-field to give your main DPS a boost. Unlock her third constellation and you can even turn Lynette into a DPS character herself. For most though, Lynette is a good Anemo option to have in your party, she’s just not the best option available if you have characters like Kazuha or Sucrose already.
Qiqi Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 963ATK: 22DEF: 72 Cryo While Qiqi is a great healer – an amazing one actually – there is nothing else that she adds to the party. On the other hand, she applies Cryo in the area around her with her Element Burst. So depending on the combination of characters you are looking for, Qiqi August be a good option.
Rosaria Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1030ATK: 20DEF: 60 Cryo Considering how strong element reactions like Freeze and Superconduct are, Rosaria becomes a great option for applying Cryo as a supporting character. Her Elemental Skill and Burst have a lot of potential in this regard.
Sucrose Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 775ATK: 14DEF: 59 Anemo Sucrose is good support since she can group enemies with her skills and produces elemental particles. By being an Anemo character, she can work well with most elements.
Yanfei Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 784ATK: 20DEF: 49 Pyro Yanfei is a great four-star main damage dealer with a pretty easy-to-understand kit. She doesn’t bring any type of utility to the rest of the party though, making her stay in the field a necessity if using Yanfei in your party.

Genshin Impact C-tier characters listed

In the C tier, we have placed characters that have limitations that are difficult to ignore, or making them work would take too much effort for a small compensation.

Among them, there are strong characters or a few that are useful in some scenarios. On the other hand, using them instead of any other unit from the higher tiers is unreasonable.

There is always the possibility of exploring their strong aspects and creating parties around them.

Here is the C tier list in alphabetical order of Genshin Impact characters version 4.0 in August 2023:

Name Stats Element Reasoning
Candace Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 912ATK: 17.81DEF: 57.22 Cryo Candace is a decent Hydro applicator who can buff the normal attacks of her party, and infuse their attacks with Hydro – but infusion doesn’t work on every character. She’s sort of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to Hydro support, but this does limit her potential a little, as other characters specialise in what she is just decent at.
Chongyun Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1003ATK: 19DEF: 54 Cryo Chongyun is a good claymore wielder who works quite okay as the main damage dealer. He synergizes the most with users of specific weapons, since his Elemental Skill buffs them. However, a drawback of his kit is the fact that he imbues the Cryo element into other characters’ attacks, making elemental reactions difficult to perform.
Dori Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1039ATK: 18.7DEF: 60.66 Electro As a hybrid Electro sub DPS healer, Dori can replace an Electro sub DPS and your party’s healer to free up a space in your team – but you’re generally better off having a better Electro sub DPS and healer of another element to maximise your team’s DPS or healing potential.
Kaeya Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 976ATK: 19DEF: 66 Cryo Kaeya is a solid unit even being one of the free characters in Genshin Impact. His kit does allow some interesting combinations with other characters, mostly to trigger some element reactions such as Freeze, due to his Elemental Burst. Kaeya’s Elemental Skill produces a good amount of elemental particles too.
Kirara Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1021ATK: 18.7DEF: 45.78 Dendro Kirara is a good shielder, especially against Dendro damage, like from your Blooms or Nilou’s special cores. Unfortunately, apart from her useful climbing overworld ability, that’s about all she offers, as there are far better Dendro applicators and DPS characters out there. She’s very good in Quicken and Nilou teams, and if you need a decent shielder, but there aren’t a lot of other uses for Kirara.
Mika Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1049ATK: 18.7 DEF: 59.8 Cryo Mika suffers from needs-his-C6 syndrome, as the whole point of him is to be a physical damage buffer, yet his most needed buff is locked behind his last constellation. Other limitations like needing to be against multiple enemies for the highest effectiveness of physical damage buffing holds him back from being a must-play with physcial attackers.
Ningguang Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 821ATK: 18DEF: 48 Geo Ningguang has an interesting kit that allows her to deal constant damage by focusing on her Charged Attacks. In a formation based on Geo characters, she can work as the main damage dealer or a support thanks to her Elemental Skill that increases Geo damage.
Noelle Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1012ATK: 16DEF: 67 Geo Noelle is a great starting unit with good damage. Thanks to her kit, players can deal with a lot of content by using her, although after getting other characters becomes hard keeping her in the party.
Razor Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 1003ATK: 20DEF: 63 Electro Razor is all about hitting hard. His skills allow him to not only cause a considerable amount of damage to enemies but also to keep it constant. On the other hand, this character has nothing to offer the other party members.
Sayu Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 994ATK: 20DEF: 62 Anemo This Anemo character is a very different one. Sayu’s Elemental Skill distinguishes her from other characters since she starts rolling around doing damage to enemies hit by her while healing the party members. This skill is very fun to use and helpful for exploration, making Sayu an interesting character to have.
Thoma Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 866ATK: 17DEF: 63 Pyro In case you are looking for a pyro support, Thoma may be of your interest. He is a shielder that can imbue your attacks with pyro. An issue you need to deal in case you pick Thoma is that if you want to use this character as a damage dealer, his capacity as a shielder decreases considerably.
Traveler Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 912ATK: 18DEF: 57 AnemoGeoElectroDendro Although you can change the Traveler’s element, making them useful in case you are laking one of them, you don’t have a good reason to keep them in your party besides liking them, or your using a Dendro character. This is due to the fact that levelling up a skill given by one element does not translate into having the equivalent skill levelled up when changing elements. At most, they are a weak version of other characters – however with the addition of the Dendro Traveler in 3.0, they are a good substitute if you don’t have good Dendro character to set up Quicken and Bloom reactions with Electro and Hydro characters, respectively.
Xinyan Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 939ATK: 21DEF: 67 Pyro Xinyan is a physical damage dealer, which means that even though she causes a considerable amount of damage, she doesn’t apply pyro. She is tanker than other characters, but Xinyan needs other characters to make her useful.
Yoimiya Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 791ATK: 25DEF: 48 Pyro The famous firework maker is a character whose strength is exactly her most problematic feature. Yoimiya’s kit focus specifically on her normal attack. As a bow user, she can only hit single targets, even though she does hit them really hard. Even her Elemental Burst is single target making her difficult to use as the main damage dealer of a party.
Yun Jin Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 894ATK: 16DEF: 62 Geo Yun Jin is a support geo character whose concept is pretty basic: she has a shield and she also buffs normal attacks. In spite of her capacity of working okay as a support, there are better options than her that are also easier to trigger element reactions.

Genshin Impact D-tier characters listed

The last rank in this tier is occupied by characters that have weaknesses which makes dedicating time – or money – to them really complicated.

Of course, they are still viable depending on the party. By working around their problem, you can find a way to use them.

Here is the D tier list in alphabetical order of Genshin Impact characters version 4.0 in August 2023:

Name Stats Element Reasoning
Amber Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 793ATK: 19DEF: 50 Pyro Amber is probably the weakest among the free characters you win in Genshin Impact. Besides using a bow which decreases her damage potential drastically, nor her Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst adds value to the party. She works while there is no other Pyro character for you to use.
Aloy Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 848ATK: 18DEF: 53 Cryo The machine hunter Aloy is not your best option as a Cryo user. Although she is capable of dealing good damage to enemies, her skill’s effects are applied only to her and they also make her stay in the field for too much time to be effective. Aloy has an additional issue which is her lack of constellation.
Deyha Five StarsLevel 1 HP: 1220ATK: 20.67DEF: 48.88 Pyro Dehya is a tough character to make work, requiring you to have the absolute best team, Artifacts, weapon, and understanding of her playstyle to actually make her a viable option to clear normal tough content, never mind the Spiral Abyss. There are other Pyro characters that do better damage and Elemental Reactions than Dehya, so it’s best to choose them over her, which is why she’s so far down on our tier list as a 5-Star.
Lisa Four StarsLevel 1 HP: 802ATK: 19DEF: 48 Electro In terms of damage, Lisa is totally capable of dealing a lot of damage. However, the way her kit works ends up taking too much time to build the conditions to do so. While she has potential due to things like her ability to decrease enemies’ defense, Lisa suffers from being very difficult to maximise. She can be quickly replaced once you get your hands on another electro character.

Genshin Impact best DPS characters list

Although some characters in Genshin Impact are quite flexible in terms of roles, there are among them characters that exceed in this regard.

The following list was made based on the characters’ capacity to deal physical or elemental damage and their limitations/weaknesses.

Here is the list of best damage dealers in Genshin Impact from highest to lowest version 4.0 in August 2023:

Characters Reasoning
Eula, Hu Tao While Eula is an amazing character for physical damage, Hu Tao does an absurd amount of elemental damage.
Beidou, Raiden Shogun, Kamisato Ayaka, Kamisato Ayato, Klee, Xiao, Ganyu, Tartaglia, Alhaitham These characters bring a lot of burst or consistent damage
Arataki Itto, Diluc, Albedo, Tighnari, Keqing, Zhongli, Yelan, Yoimiya, Nahida, Cyno, Scaramouche Good characters to use as your main damage dealer, but have limitations
Razor, Yanfei, Rosaria, Noelle, Congyun, Kaeya, Ningguang, Kokomi, Nilou, Heizou Characters that have potential for damage, but or need good itemization or they are limited in terms of team composition
Amber, Xinyan, Dehya Amber is a quite weak character in terms of physical and elemental damage, while Xinyan and Dehya have the capacity to deal damage but end up depending on a whole team to achieve that.

Genshin Impact best support characters list

Most team compositions in Genshin Impact rely on having two or three support characters. They are the ones responsible for helping the main damage dealer to survive or maximise their damage.

To create this list, we based on the character’s capacity of helping without needing to stay in the field for too long, and how useful they are to generate elemental reactions, protections, buffs, crowd control, or elemental particles.

Here is the list of best supports in Genshin Impact from highest to lowest version 4.0 in August 2023:

Characters Reasoning
Raiden Shogun, Ganyu, Zhongli, Bennet, Kaedehara Kazuha, Xingqiu, Yelan, Fischl, Nahida These are the best character to occupy the role of support due to the bonus effects to damage and defense of other team members, or because they are the best at applying their elements to enemies.
Venti, Mona, Xianling, Shenhe These characters can be considered as good as the previous ones, but they are not as complete as them. On top of that, they are all amazing element appliers making them essential to maximise elemental reactions.
Jean, Gorou, Yae Miko, Rosaria, Kujou Sara, Nilou, Layla, Faruzan, Yaoyao, Kirara All characters in this position can be quite helpful, but using them is not as practical as it could be, or they excel in specific compositions.
Diona, Sucrose, Qiqi, Ningguang, Collei, Scaramouche (Wanderer) As a weaker version of the previous position, these characters are good in some specific functions but are not the best ones or they are tied to a unique type of team composition.
Yun Jin, Keya, Congyun, Candace, Alhaitham These three characters are just average in helping apply elements to enemies without staying in the field, or in buffing attributes.

Genshin Impact best healer characters list

Despite most current team compositions not using healers, Genshin Impact has a good number of them in its roster. Because they are not usually part of teams based on changing characters quickly or elemental burst, they may fit your playstyle.

The list of best healers was created thinking on healing potential, cost of skills, additional effects, as well as self-sustainability of the character. This last aspect is important to know if the healer is capable of producing element particles in case their Elemental Burst is the healing skill.

Here is the list of the best healers in Genshin Impact from highest to lowest version 4.0 in August 2023:

Characters Reasoning
Bennett, Jean, Sangonomiya Kokomi These three characters are the best healers because of the sum of their capacity of healing, utility for the party, and additional effects.
Diona, Barbara, Xingqiu These characters are great healers due to their Elemental Burst that heal instantaneously all party members or can also help the other characters in specific ways.
Yaoyao As a Dendro healer, Yaoyao can be desirable for certain team comps, but doesn’t heal an awful lot. She can be a good all round for healing and Dendro application if you want to free up a team slot, however.
Qiqi Qiqi is a straightforward healer. While she heals a lot, she brings nothing else to the table.
Kuki Shinobu Shinobu doesn’t heal a lot and besides that her healing comes at the cost a percentage of HP. However, she has the capacity of using an area-of-effect electro skill – and has become more desirable as more Quicken and Spread teams emerge.
Dori Dori can both heal and set up Electro for reactions, but doesn’t excel in either of these areas. However, Dori can be used to replace both a sub DPS and healer on your team, making room for an additional slot, but at the sacrifice of healing and sub DPS potential.
Sayu Although Sayu has a healing in area in the form of her Elemental Burst, using her Elemental Skill is weird and difficult depending on the situation.

Now that you know who the best characters are in Genshin Impact, you can begin creating your own team compositions. But keep in mind that the lists presented here are subjective interpretations of the game’s roster.

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