Apex Legends Date Night Duos Takeover explained

The Apex Legends Date Night Duos acquisition has arrived! Limited Time Mode allows you and your teammate to enter Battle Royale with a new weapon and mechanics exclusive to this mode.

Duos mode in Apex Legends will look different over the next week, even if you don’t have a special someone, you can still pair up with a friend or settle into matchmaking to experience the acquisition.

Without further ado, let’s explain Apex Legends Date Night Duos Takeover and everything it includes.

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Apex Legends Date Night Duos acquisition explained

Date Night in Apex is about working as a couple to become champions of that match. It’s also about showing your teammate some love, and the biggest change in this acquisition is the ability to heal.

Apex Legends, Date Night Duos acquisition information screen.

One of these changes is that when you heal your Legend with any type of medical equipment, a small area around you will be highlighted. If your teammate is standing in the highlighted area when you are healed, they will also be healed by the item you used.

Basically, you get two cures with one medical item.

Limited time weapon

The Bocek Bow has also been revamped for Date Night! Well, it’s not actually called Bocek, the gun is called ‘The Heart Stealer’. It functions similarly to the Bocek bow and also features similar damage stats.

Apex Legends, the Thief of Hearts arc in the Date Night Duos takeover.
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

However, every time you deal damage with ‘The Heart Stealer’ bow, you will be healed for a percentage of that damage. This also applies to your teammate if he is close to you, so we recommend that you stay together as much as possible.

This means that the more damage you deal, the more you will heal! Also, don’t forget to thank your teammate if you really want to show them some love.

Apex Legends Valentine’s Day Sale

Apex is also running a Valentine’s Day sale in conjunction with the Duos Takeover event and ends at the same time as Date Night.

Apex Legends, Loba's magenta militant skin.
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

New skins are available for Loba, Bangalore and Valkyrie. Here’s everything that’s currently available as part of this limited-time offer:

Package name Content Cost
Heartbreaker Pack Heartbreaker (Legendary Valkyrie skin) and Modern Cupid (Legendary Valkyrie emote) 2500 Apex Coins
Heartbreaker Bundle Bundle Heartbreaker (Legendary Valkyrie skin), Modern Cupid (Legendary Valkyrie emote), and 20 Apex Packs 3950 Apex Coins
Magenta Militant Pack Militant Magenta (Legendary Wolf Skin) and Blowing Kisses (Legendary Wolf Emoticon). 2500 Apex Coins
Magenta Militant Pack Magenta Militant (Legendary Wolf SkiN), Blowing Kisses – (Legendary Wolf Emote) and 20 Apex Packs 3950 Apex Coins
V-Spec Package V-Spec (Bangalore Legendary Skin) and Playing It Cool (Bangalore Legendary Emote) 2500 Apex Coins
V-Spec Package Package V-Spec (Bangalore Legendary Skin), Playing It Cool (Bangalore Legendary Emote), and 20 Apex Packs 3950 Apex Coins
love language pack Language of Love (Epic Weapon Charm) and 50 Apex Packs 3,950 Apex Coins (was 5,500)
Cupid’s Arrows Pack Cupid’s Arrow (Epic Bocek Skin) and 15 Apex Packs 1000 Apex Coins

Apex Legends Date Night Duos Acquisition End Date

The acquisition of Date Night Duos in Apex Legends will end on Tuesday, February 14.

Based on the countdown timer on the in-game Valentine’s Day deals page, we expect date night to end shortly before 6pm GMT.

Apex Legends, official Respawn art of Valkyrie.
Credit: Respawn Entertainment. | Image credit: Respawn Entertainment.

Enjoy racing through Battle Royale to become the ultimate duo in Apex Legends Valentine’s Day celebrations!

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