You have the eyes of an eagle if you can spot the owl in the tree within 5 seconds!

Visual quiz puzzles are meant to test your observation skills and attention to detail. They often consist of images or patterns that require careful examination to identify hidden elements or subtle differences in them. These puzzles can be a fun and challenging way to improve your cognitive skills and improve your ability to detect even the smallest discrepancies in visual information.

While they are sometimes challenging, they are also quite interesting to solve. These brain teasers offer a great opportunity to relax and unwind while stimulating your mind in a unique way.

Are you ready for today’s challenge? Come on.

Find the owl in 5 seconds


Source: Cool Side

In the image above, you can see a tree, or perhaps trees. There is also an owl hidden in the picture. You have to detect the bird hidden in the image within 5 seconds. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Look at the image carefully; Only then will you be able to detect the owl within the indicated time. We provide the solution to this brain puzzle at the end of this article. However, we would like you to refrain from scrolling directly to the solution. Cheating is never an option. If you really want to test yourself, you must first solve this picture puzzle yourself. Only when you can’t find the owl even after time passes can you move on to the solution.

All the best!

Visual test solution

Here is the hidden owl.


Source: Cool Side

We hope you had fun solving this picture puzzle with us. Here are some more visual problems like this, try to solve them all:

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