Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Liang, General of Man boss tips and strategy

Zhang Liang is the first boss you encounter in the first quest of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Village of Calamity. It’s proof that the game doesn’t come easy to you from the start, especially when you’re still dealing with the mechanics of it.

In fact, as the first boss of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, this Yellow Turban general can seem almost impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing. But Zhang Liang is a useful lesson in mastering deflection and also a lesson in paying attention to a very specific cue that will make your life much easier.

This guide will explain everything you need to know to prepare and succeed in this brutal fight against the first of the three powerful Zhang brothers of the Yellow Turban rebels.

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How to Prepare for Zhang Liang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

As this is Wo Long’s first quest, there isn’t much preparation you can do other than the basic weapons you have and the three uses of the Dragon Healing Pot for healing. You will have had the opportunity to learn some basic sorcery spells, so it is highly recommended that you learn improved defense from ground phase spells, which will temporarily reduce any damage you take. You will need to have leveled up your Earth Virtue to at least two to do this, while your Morale must be a minimum of three to cast it.

You should also have been practicing the parry mechanics which will be important to surviving this fight, as your only help comes from the Blindfolded Boy, who unfortunately isn’t much help. Every attack can be deflected but, most importantly, you must parry the glowing red unblockable critical hits, as this will lower his spirit which can break his stance, leaving him open to a fatal blow.

What you want to make sure to do is plant flags in as many places as possible on your way to the boss, which increases your strength rank, the value below which your morale will not drop if you die. Having such high morale also makes tougher enemies more manageable. For this mission, your maximum strength rank is 10 when you have placed all possible flags, matching Zhang Liang’s starting morale of 10.

The most important thing to note is that there is one essential trick that the Divine Beast mechanic introduces you to. This will end the fight early and save you a lot of crying and gnashing of teeth.

How to defeat Zhang Liang in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

You will fight Zhang Liang in an arena overlooking a cliff. Rock pillars surround the sand and can be used as cover. Although he will probably crush them in one fell swoop with his intimidating big club, which he wields with both hands in the first phase.

The good news is that any attack that hits you can be deflected (there’s even a tutorial that encourages you to deflect it), which then gives you a brief window to perform some attacks to lower his health and put his spirit gauge in the red. . While the spirit gauge starts out long, you can also lower its upper limit (shown by the gauge whitening at the edges) by deflecting or using spirit attacks (i.e. strong attacks), making it easier to stagger it. .

It’s worth noting that spiritual attacks are also more likely to interrupt your attacks than a simple standard attack. Once you punish him with a fatal blow, his morale will drop by one point, although his spirit gauge also resets.

His standard attacks involve lowering the club from above, sometimes followed by an overhead jumping attack. He also has an animation where he swings the stick horizontally, as well as a much higher jumping attack. In all of these cases, the animation lasts long enough for you to anticipate; So the smart way to play this is to anticipate the deflection, rather than trying to score a quick hit.

For his unblockable attack, he will re-roll his club to power it up, while there is also a red glow coming from the inside of his chest, so it’s very clear that you need to anticipate it. This attack can close gaps, although if you’re having trouble slowing it down it’s worth taking some distance as the attack will still take some time to connect.

With the health you’ve reduced while lowering his spirit gauge, staggering him twice and dealing a fatal blow both times should be enough to finish this phase.

He, however, has another new health bar for his second phase, resets his morale to 10 and is much more ferocious as he now has a demonic left arm that can extend to perform some pretty damaging attacks while being strong enough to swing his club. only with his right hand.

With his demon arm extended, Zhang Liang swings it once, which can trap anyone around him within range, before winding it up with a brief pause before swinging it again. His club consists of a two-hit combination, with a brief pause before the second hit, as well as a charged thrust that also has a wind-up animation.

He also has a ranged attack where he stabs his club into the ground, which then unleashes a trail of spikes to fire forward. Fortunately, this, like the aforementioned attacks, can also be deflected.

His unblockable here comes from his demonic arm, which rises and then shoots towards you, and given how long it can extend, you can’t run away from this, so be prepared to deflect it, otherwise he’ll grab you and hit you and cause you a unpleasant damage.

When you’ve taken away a third of his health, he becomes even more enraged, as a red demonic aura shoots into the surrounding area and restores his morale. She also gets an additional combo with his club, where she swings it up and down, as well as another unblockable attack where she performs a three-hit charge combo with his club. If you manage to deflect them, he can still finish the previous unblockable attack with his demonic arm.

Suffice it to say that there is a lot to endure when you have so few resources at this stage. What you need to pay attention to, however, is the blindfolded boy, who actually grants you a gift that means you don’t have to take down Zhang Liang’s entire health bar to beat him.

At the beginning of the second phase, the boy will mention something about “that jade”, which could give you the power to overcome this challenge. It refers to the Divine Beast mechanic that is unlocked during this phase, which is represented by an indicator in the lower right corner, above the magic spells.

As you fight Zhang Liang, this gauge slowly increases, but increases sharply when you deal a fatal blow to him after staggering him. According to our estimates, two fatal blows will be enough to fill the gauge, so the boss will have about half his health.

When the Divine Beast gauge is glowing, you will receive a message from the Blindfolded Child to unleash the power residing in the jade, while the diversion tutorial screen will change to one on how to summon the Divine Beast with Triangle + Circle / Y + B. .

In the stress of fighting, as well as if you’re playing with non-English audio, it’s easy to miss this message as you continue fighting. You can still do it the hard way by reducing all of Zhang Liang’s health, but our advice is to do that summon the moment you see the message, which will then trigger a cutscene of a dragon spirit coming to save the day.

If you need help getting started in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, check out our tips and tricks for beginners. When it comes to bosses, we have strategies for Zhang Liang, Zhuyan, Fengxi, Zhang Bao, and Zhang Jiao. Don’t forget to check out our Marking Flags, Vengeance Flags locations, and how to feed Shitieshou guides too.

Zhang Liang’s Reward in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Despite beating Wo Long’s tough first boss, it may not feel as rewarding if you fail to stop the mysterious Taoist in Black from getting his hands on the Blindfolded Boy and your protagonist is also sent tumbling over the edge of the sand.

However, defeating Zhang Liang will grant you his General of Man Bandana (2 stars) and his Great Club of Polaris weapon (3 stars), while you will also receive 3000 Qi and 3000 Copper. Make sure to use Qi to level up at the start of the next mission!

The journey in Wo Long has just begun and soon you will face the other two Zhang brothers. But don’t worry, you’ll also have more help along the way.

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