What Is Whatsapp’s New Link With Phone Number Feature?

WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new feature that will allow users to link their account on WhatsApp Web directly using their phone numbers. This new feature will eliminate the need to scan QR codes.

WhatsApp is constantly working to improve the user experience by adding new features. Recently, the company launched a beta feature that allows users to send high-quality videos through the platform.

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The feature was noticed by WABetaInfo, the trusted source of all WhatsApp updates and the feature is known as “Link with Phone Number”.

This is what the platform says. “After installing the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, which is available on the Google Play Store, it is possible to experiment with a new feature aimed at helping users link their accounts with an additional device with ease.

“Specifically, the feature is called “Link with Phone Number.” Thanks to this feature, users can finally link their account to WhatsApp Web without scanning the QR code,” she added.


Source: WABetaInfo

This feature will be very useful for people who have problems with the camera. Additionally, this feature is reported to have an 8-character pin that adds another layer of security to chats.

How to use the New Link with Phone Number feature?

It is important to note that this feature is currently in testing mode and is only available to Android beta users.

Here are the steps you can follow to use this feature if you are a beta user:

  • Install the latest version of WhatsApp beta on your main device.
  • Open the WhatsApp website on your desktop.
  • On the welcome screen, you will see text highlighted in blue that says “Link to phone number.”
  • Enter your phone number and country code.
  • After that, you will be prompted for an 8-digit code on your desktop that you will need to add to your primary device.
  • Open WhatsApp on your Android device and tap the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Click on the “Linked Devices” option.
  • Select the Link with phone number option and enter the code requested on your desktop.
  • WhatsApp will then log you in on your desktop.

To conclude, the new WhatsApp Link with Phone Number feature is a convenient and secure way to link your WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Web. It is a welcome addition to the platform and is sure to be a popular feature among users.

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