What are Google Chat’s New Features?

Google’s popular business tool known as Google Chat is getting a number of new features to make the user experience easier. Neeraj Mishra, Product Manager, Google Chat, mentioned 7 new features for the product.

After entering the artificial intelligence race and launching its chatbot platform, Google Bard, the tech giant has continuously added new features to its products to make them more versatile. Recently, the company also announced a Duet AI feature for Google Sheets.

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What are the new features of Google Chat?

According to Google Keyword Blog, these are the new features:

  • “Quickly create a response with smart writing
  • Edit and delete your messages
  • Quote a message in a group chat
  • Check read receipts in a group chat
  • Hide inactive conversations
  • Add apps for more features”

Smart Compose: An Effective Way to Write in Google Chats

Starting with the ‘Smart Compose’ feature, this feature is already available in other Google apps, making it familiar to almost everyone. In its most basic form, this feature provides users with suggestions for completing sentences as they type them.

The feature is presented in five different languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

This feature is quite useful as it saves time and reduces typing effort by providing relevant phrases. Suggestions appear in light gray and users only need to press the ‘Tab’ button to accept them.

Google’s blog states: “Smart Compose, also available in Gmail and Google Docs, helps you quickly craft a response in Chat, offering contextual suggestions that help reduce spelling and grammatical errors. When you start typing in Chat and a suggestion appears, simply press the tab to accept it.”

Edit and Delete Messages Feature – A New Way to Monitor Your Conversations

The next feature on the list is the ability to edit and delete messages which is long overdue for Google Chats. It is common for users to make typos, grammatical errors, or even forget important information when using Google Chats for work purposes, this can make them appear unprofessional.

With this new feature, users can now edit or even delete messages that are sent in error. Users can access this feature by hovering over the message they sent and clicking the pencil icon.

Ability to quote a message in the group chat

Moving on to another feature introduced in Google Chat is the ability to reply to a specific message in a group conversation. This feature is useful when you want to respond to a specific point someone has raised in a conversation, or when you need to keep the conversation organized.


Source: Google

Google mentioned, “It’s easy to get lost in a group chat, especially if you move quickly and cover a lot of ground. To help keep the conversation (and your thoughts) organized, you can now quote a message in your reply.”

See who has read your messages in Google Chat

Previously, group users in Google Chat could only see if their message had been delivered, but could not see who had read it. This was a glaring mistake on Google’s part, especially if the message was sent to a large group of people and users wanted to know if everyone had seen it.

Google rectified this by adding a new feature that allows group users to see who has read their messages. When someone reads a message, your avatar will appear below it. For large group chats, one can hover over the message or tap it to see a full list of who read it.

This feature will be rolling out to group messages this month. However, it is now available for individual messages on mobile devices and on the web.

New link feature makes it easy to share resources

Doesn’t it seem complicated to send a link in a group chat? Well, Google also solved this problem by offering a feature that allows users to link text in their messages. This means people can share links to websites, documents, or other resources without having to mention long URLs in their chats.


Source: Google

This feature is now available in Google Docs and Slides and is commonly known as the “Hyperlink” feature. It will be rolled out in the coming weeks for Android and Google Chat web users. Google Chat will now hide inactive conversations

Hide inactive conversations to tidy up your chat list

A cluttered interface can be annoying and make it difficult to find the conversations that interest users. That’s why Google Chat will now hide inactive chats. This means that chats that have not been opened or have not had a new message in the last 7 days will be hidden from view.

Hidden conversations can be viewed by clicking the “More” button. This feature will work if the user has more than 10 conversations.


Source: Google

This is what the Google Blog says: “Clutter accumulates everywhere: on desks, on shelves, on countertops and even in conversations. If you have more than 10 conversations or spaces, we’ll help you fix it by hiding direct messages and spaces that have been inactive for the last seven days.

Make Google Chat even more powerful with apps

Finally, allowing users to have a more personalized space, Google Chat will now have the ability to add third-party applications to its platform. This means people can now download third-party apps like Asana, Giphy, or Google Maps for their conversations.


Source: Google

The feature has not yet been released publicly, but Google will offer it to users in the coming weeks.

To conclude, these are just some of the new features that have been added to Google Chat. As Google continues to develop its platforms, there is a chance that more new features will be introduced in the future. Furthermore, these features have been long awaited and make the platform smoother.

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