Warzone 2.0 TAQ 56 loadout, best class build and how to unlock the TAQ 56

The TAQ 56 is one of the most basic assault rifles in Warzone 2.0 that, depending on how you build it, can become quite powerful.

While the M4 is an easy-to-access and already solid option to pick, if you’re looking for something different, the TAQ 56 is a good shout for Warzone 2.0.

Not only is it worth trying out overall, but it’s also a weapon you should use to unlock other weapons like the TAQ-V and TAQ-M.

To help you understand how to best use and equip the TAQ 56 in Warzone 2.0, we’ve put together this explainer that covers not only how to unlock the TAQ 56, but also the best TAQ 56 build in terms of attachments, perks, and gear to reinforce. the effectiveness of this weapon on the great battlefield of Al Mazrah.

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How to unlock TAQ 56 in Warzone 2.0

While it may require some investment when you have it since it’s not part of another weapon’s deck tree, fortunately the TAQ 56 is easily unlocked.

You unlock TAQ 56 once you reach player level 19, which you can reach by earning experience points (XP) by playing matches and completing daily quests. Our explanation on how to level up quickly in Modern Warfare 2 can help you if you want to speed up the ranks.

Additionally, by using and leveling the TAQ 56 you will also be able to access two other weapons, the TAQ-V and the TAQ-M.

Warzone 2.0 TAQ 56 best equipment and accessories

These are the best loadouts and accessories in Warzone 2.0 TAQ 56:

  • Barrel: 12″ Tacshort Barrel (unlocked at TAQ-56 Lv. 2)
  • Laser: Tilted Vibro-Dot 7 (unlocks at TAQ-56 Lv. 10) / FSS OLE-V Laser (unlocks at EBR-14 Lv. 10)
  • Stock: TV LPX-434 (unlocks at TAQ-56 Lv. 18)
  • Rear Grip: FSS Combat Grip (unlocks at TAQ-56 Lv. 9)
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56 (unlocks at Lachmann-762 Lv. 6) or Foregrip Operator (unlocks at VEL 46 Lv. 3)

Our goal with this weapon is to have a run and gun style approach while taking advantage of its extended range capabilities whereby it can reach enemies at further distances compared to the usual type of SMG that would normally be used with this type. of playing style.

The 12″ Tacshort barrel increases Aim Down Speed ​​(ADS), which helps you line up more accurate shots faster, and hip recoil control that will improve your accuracy in those spray and pray moments.

For the second accessory, we used the Canted Vibro-Dot 7 laser sight which, like our choice of barrel, will allow you to aim faster, as well as increasing your sprint-to-fire speed and aiming stability. Although it won’t help you with more extreme long-range shots and takes some getting used to, it ends up being a worthwhile option.

If you find it difficult to get used to tilted laser aiming, you can always opt for the FSS OLE-V laser, which improves the same stats as the Canted Virbo-Dot 7, just without the need to aim the laser. .

To increase the weapon’s accuracy stat, the TV LPX-434 stock is a good choice for your third attachment.

In synergy with the increased accuracy provided by the equipped stock, the FSS Combat Grip as the fourth accessory of the TAQ 56 will improve the weapon’s recoil control, making it easier to stay on target when opening fire.

As for the fifth and final accessory, we opted for a lower barrel, specifically the FTAC Ripper 56; This is an excellent option to further enhance the accuracy of the weapon.

On the other hand, the Foregrip operator is a good option if you don’t want to sacrifice the speed of your ADS for greater accuracy.

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Warzone 2.0 TAQ 56, best build, perk pack and class gear

Our picks for the best Warzone 2.0 TAQ 56 Side Pack, Perk Pack, and Gear are:

  • Perk Pack: Commando (unlocks at level 1)
  • Secondary: P890 (unlocks at level 4)
  • Tactical: Tear Gas (unlocked at level 33)
  • Lethal: Piercing Charge (unlocked at level 7)

This build focuses on the concept of constantly moving and racking up kills, so we chose Command as our perk package, giving this class access to Scavenger, Strong Arm, Quick Hands, and High Alert.

The first perk, Scavenger, allows you to loot ammo and an extra armor plate from enemies you kill, keeping you supplied and in action.

As for the second advantage, Strong Arm allows you to throw equipment further and see a trajectory of where it will land, which is not essential for this build, but is a nice advantage nonetheless.

Fast Hands as the third perk of this pack really helps take advantage of more of the fast aspects we’re looking for with this class thanks to its advantages for reloading, equipment usage, and weapon swapping speed.

With the fourth and final perk in this pack, Overclock is essential for keeping the best field upgrades you find recharged during matches (a feature provided by this perk), along with the ability to store an additional charge of your equipped field upgrade with the total. 20 percent decrease in your base charge time.

If you want a little more speed in your movement, and are willing to sacrifice Scavenger, the Warden perk pack is a good alternative to Commando, with Double Time, which will increase the duration of your Tactical Sprint and crouch movement speed, along with Strong Arm, Quick Hands and overclock.

While the secondary weapon can be chosen depending on the situation or switched to any weapon on the ground during matches, the P890 is a solid choice as a backup weapon.

For your choice of tactical gear, Tear Gas is a good option to use in smaller areas where enemies might be, or even in a tunnel where enemies come out.

Since enemies will inevitably run away from you and hide behind doors and walls, your choice of lethal equipment such as a frag grenade or piercing charge can be thrown to flush out enemies, giving you a positional advantage.

Want to try something else after catching up on TAQ 56? Our best Warzone 2.0 weapons explainer can help.

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