The Hidden Submarine Illusion: A Test of Your Visual Perception

Optical illusions are a fun way to get away from monotonous routines.

Optical illusions are images or patterns that trick the eye into seeing something that does not actually exist.

They can be caused by a variety of factors, such as the way light is reflected or refracted, or the way our brain processes visual information.

One of those optical illusions is circulating on the Internet in which you have to find a hidden submarine.

The submarine hides among the monkeys and is quite difficult to detect.

Did you know that submarines have been used since the American Civil War? Quite interesting, right?

Returning to the puzzle, the monkeys in the picture cleverly hide the submarine. They have different prints and clothes.

You might be thinking that it’s pretty easy to spot a submarine among the monkeys. How hard can it be?

Well, the challenge here is to find that monkey within a certain period of time. You can do it?

The challenge is easy but the time limit puts pressure, making it difficult to focus on the image.

Can you accept the challenge? Do you want to test if you are a real puzzle master?

Try to find the hidden submarine in 13 seconds!

Start your stopwatch and all the best!

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Source: Pinterest

Did you have any luck finding the submarine?

Come on, it’s hiding in plain sight.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Take a deep breath and focus on the image.
  • Zoom in on different sections of the image.

Haven’t you found it yet?

Well, here’s an important clue: try looking for the windows of the submarine.

Hurry up! The time limit is about to end.

3… 2… and 1!

Time is over.

Did you find the hidden submarine?

Congratulations if you found the submarine hidden among the monkeys. You are a true puzzle master and your observation skills have paid off quite well. Keep up the good work.

If you didn’t find the submarine, that’s okay! Even true puzzle masters may be stumped by this puzzle due to the time limit.

You can go back again and try to find the hidden submarine with no time limit.

Coming to the solution, this is where the submarine is hiding.

Find the hidden submarine: solution

The submarine is hiding in the upper right corner.


Source: Pinterest

Wasn’t this quite a challenge? Keep testing your visual skills with these optical illusions and share them with your friends and family to have a nice time.

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