Wo Long Fallen Dynasty beginner’s guide, tips and tricks

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can really test your patience and for a beginner, the first few hours of playing can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many little things that you learn along the way that eventually make your journey easier.

If Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is your first experience with Soulslike, then it’s easy to overlook all the little elements that add up to make your battles easier or harder. Especially when the first boss you meet is incredibly intimidating.

Fear not, however, as we’ve scrambled and put together this Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty beginner’s guide full of tips and tricks to make your experience much easier.

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Visit the training fields.

As soon as you start the story and find your first battle flag, you will be able to use the “Journey” option to open the world map. On this map there is an area called “Training Ground”.

Visiting this area will give you a brief but useful overview of how battles work in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. From casting magic spells to using your Divine Beast, as well as blocking techniques that are crucial to defeating the first boss, the tutorials prepare you for the rest of the game.

Of course, in the first mission most of these battle techniques are not available, you will still be well equipped for the challenges that await you.

Long Fallen Dynasty Magic Tutorial in Training Grounds

Focus on collecting genuine Qi

Ideally, this should be your priority from the moment you set foot in the main story. Developing your character’s strength is the best use of your time, especially on the first mission. The enemies you face will challenge you, but defeating them will give you Qi.

You can obtain Qi by defeating enemies. We found a nice trick for this, we basically cultivate Qi when we find an area with a battle flag and easy enemies. Run between the flags, defeating enemies along the way. Every time you collect a piece of Qi, go and rest on the flag to respawn enemies, then start again.

Long Fallen Dynasty Battle Flag and Character Mission One

Monitor morale

Morale is one of those elements that can go unnoticed if you skip the tutorial. We did this and instantly regretted it, as it is a key part of being able to fight difficult enemies. The higher your morale, the less damage you will receive from enemies and the more battle items will be available to you.

Morale can be cultivated in the same way as Qi, however, you must try to avoid being hit by an enemy. When you are hit by an enemy, your morale will be reduced. Additionally, when fighting large enemies, losing to them will significantly reduce your morale.

The maximum Morale level you can reach is 25, more than enough to be able to fight anyone who dares to cross your path.

Two characters from the long fallen dynasty moving across the dry morale of the battlefield surrounded by a circle
Our morale here was at the high end of nine.

Your enemies also have morale and knowing their level will help you prepare for the fight. This is most useful for large bosses, but you can also do it with smaller enemies.

To track an enemy’s morale, look over their heads when you approach them. The colors will indicate one of three things:

  • Red: Their morale level is much higher than yours.
  • Yellow: Their morale is higher than yours, but not by much.
  • Green: Their morale is lower than or equal to yours.

Enemies in the red or yellow category may be more difficult to defeat, but offer substantially better rewards. That said, if you’re looking to cultivate morale or Qi quickly, stick with the green ones for now.

Deflect, Dodge and Counter

Entering any fight with your weapon drawn and swinging aimlessly will ultimately get you killed. Dodging enemy attacks and countering them are crucial to winning a fight. You can also deflect attacks, although we recommend doing this only for smaller enemies.

Most enemy attacks can also be dodged, but this consumes your spirit level, so use it wisely. For smaller enemies, dodging one of their attacks should open a small window so you can defeat them before they notice you.

cinematic of zhang liang's boss from wo long's fallen dynasty
Beating Zhang Liang requires a lot of counterattacking and dodging.

For larger bosses and some enemies, dodging is great, but countering is the best thing to do. Normal attacks can be countered, but the ones you need to be careful with are attacks that cannot be defended.

Before unleashing one of these attacks, your enemy will briefly glow red. If you counter this attack at the right time, you will perform a powerful counterattack that will significantly damage your enemy.

If you need help getting started in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, check out our tips and tricks for beginners. When it comes to bosses, we have strategies for Zhang Liang, Zhuyan, Fengxi, Zhang Bao, and Zhang Jiao. Don’t forget to check out our Marking Flags, Vengeance Flags locations, and how to feed Shitieshou guides too.

Pay attention to your spirit level

Various actions can consume your spirit. If your spirit level drops too low, you will be exhausted and extremely vulnerable for a short period of time. In big boss fights, you may get killed in these few sections, so monitoring your level is vital.

Your spirit level is displayed in the small bar below your HP in the middle of the screen.

Two characters from the long-fallen dynasty overlooking the burned village with a spirit indicator highlighted.
Our spirit level was empty at the time.

All of the following actions consume different Spirit levels, so keep an eye on your level after performing each one:

  • magic spells
  • Dodge
  • Deflect after an action attack
  • Counter
  • Spiritual attacks
  • fatal blows
  • Martial Arts

However, there are also many ways to raise the spirit level:

  • magic spells
  • Normal attacks
  • Deflecting (alone)
  • It replenishes itself over time

Since many actions cross between giving spirit and consuming spirit, your best bet is to continually monitor the gauge in the middle of the screen.

Use stealth attacks

Use stealth attacks whenever you can, as they can usually take out a basic enemy in one hit. This helps you avoid getting into a fight that could damage your morale level and is a quick way to defeat enemies to cultivate Qi.

The easiest way to successfully perform a stealth attack is from above. Slowly walk to the edge of the highest area to look at your target. While they don’t see you, jump and press the right control (you can check this in settings) to perform a stealth takedown.

The next way to perform one is to slowly walk behind an enemy without being detected. Again, if you don’t get caught, press the appropriate control to perform the takedown.

Long Fallen Dynasty Stealth Attack Action Shooting

Build and use magic spells

Halfway through the first area, you can access your sorcery spells and learn new ones by resting on a battle flag. These will cost you points, but you will accumulate them as you level up your character.

Fallen Dynasty spell learning menu for a long time.

You can only carry four spells at a time, so if a set doesn’t work for you in a fight, go back to a battle flag and change a few to see if they make a difference.

Magic spells consume spirit, but offer numerous buffs and attacks that are extremely useful. Here are some examples of advantages of these spells:

  • Reduction of alcohol consumption.
  • Faster movement over a period of time.
  • Fire attacks.
  • Greater protection over a period of time.
  • Poison attacks.
  • Elemental traps.

There are numerous magical spells to collect, and finding the perfect set will require a bit of experimentation.

Check your equipment and the weight of your weapons.

As you progress from area to area taking down your enemies, you will find new equipment and weapons to collect. We recommend collecting as much as you can at first, because you can sell what you don’t want later.

Each piece of equipment has unique stats, which you can check to make sure you’re building your character to be strong in the areas you want them to be. However, some items also have a ‘Set Bonus’ which gives you one or two additional benefits if you use the full set of that item.

Additionally, your equipment and weapons protect you, but they can also hinder you. Different items have different weights, and the heavier the item, the more it can slow you down in battle. If you want to use or use a heavier item, you’ll need to think about changing your battle strategy to suit the pieces you currently have equipped.

You can check the weight of an item by selecting it from the equipment menu:

long fallen dynasty team menu item weight circled
The weight of our equipment was still quite light here.

Summon your Divine Beast

Once you’ve reached a certain point early in the story, you’ll be able to unlock a powerful move that will instantly turn the tide of any battle. The Divine Beast is an action worth waiting for, but don’t forget to use it!

In the midst of fast-paced battles where you fight to stay alive, revive your ally, and counter numerous attacks, it can be extremely easy to forget some of the tools at your disposal. If you need a little time to regain some health, or simply need to get away to a safe distance, you can summon your Divine Beast once its marker is charged.

Your Divine Beast gauge can be seen in the diamond formation to the right of your screen. We have marked exactly where in the image below:

long fallen dynasty divine beast indicator surrounded by a circle
When ready to use, it will turn white.

Listen to your allies

The allies you meet throughout the story who join you in battle sometimes have a lot to say, but they’re worth listening to.

Often, even when it seems like they’re not talking about anything, an ally will actually give you advice or a hint on how to overcome a certain obstacle. Additionally, if you reach an enemy or area that you are not strong enough to fight, your ally can make a small comment to let you know.

long fallen dynasty character and zhao yun together

With all this knowledge, it’s time to dive into Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty! To view this content, please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings

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