Test your vision by finding 6 words hidden in the snowy image within 15 seconds!

Let’s test your ability to pay attention to details and your observation skills with visual test riddles. These picture puzzles usually contain images or patterns that need close inspection for hidden details, items, or people. These puzzles can be a difficult but fun way to improve your cognitive skills and increase your ability to detect even minute differences in the visual puzzle at hand.

Although they can be difficult at times, these brain puzzles are usually fun to solve. These brain games provide a wonderful opportunity to decompress and relax while stimulating your mind in a different way. Are you ready for today’s eye test to begin? Let us begin.

Find 6 words in 15 seconds


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The image above shows children playing in the snow. Two children are making a snowman. A little girl and her adorable puppy are making a snowdog. A child can be seen playing near the wooden fence. Another boy can be seen sledding on a pile of snow that has accumulated under the tree. Now that you’ve paid attention to the picture, look even deeper because there are six words hidden in this picture puzzle and you have to find them all. As you already know, you only have 15 seconds to spot the hidden words, so make every second count. Best of luck.

If you want to solve this brain puzzle, you have to look at this image very carefully and analyze every aspect of it. Only then can you find the hidden words. But if you can’t find the words, we have the solution to this visual puzzle at the end of the article. Scroll down to see them.

Visual test solution

Here are the 6 words that were hidden in this visual puzzle:

  • MIttens
  • ICE
  • SNOW
  • COOL

We have highlighted each word in the image below. Have a look:


Source: Pinterest

You have to prove:

Only people with the sharpest eyesight can find 3 daughters of the man hidden in the picture in 9 seconds!

Only 2% can detect the tiger hunting ducks in the image within 8 seconds!

Only the most attentive can detect the teacher’s hidden glasses in the classroom in 4 seconds!

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