Resident Evil 4 two giants boss strategy, how to beat the two giants at the Blast Furnace

The two Blast Furnace giants are the dual bosses during Chapter 11 of the Resident Evil 4 remake.

You’ll want to bring the ideal weapons and use the best strategy to conserve your health and ammo to take on the two giants in Resident Evil 4, especially on Extreme and Professional difficulties.

To help you progress through Chapter 11, below we detail the best strategy for defeating the two giants in the Blast Furnace, including an easy method to get rid of them and save your ammo.

Please note that this is a guide for the remake of Resident Evil 4, so the exact boss strategy may not be the same in the original version.

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How to beat the two giants of the Blast Furnace in Resident Evil 4

This is our strategy to defeat the two giants of the Blast Furnace:

Preparing for the fight of two giants

While there is an easy method to defeat the two giants, it is best to prepare if the fight doesn’t go your way.

Just like the battle with The Giant in the Quarry, we recommend bringing the TMP, but if you have the CQBR assault rifle unlocked and enough rifle ammo, it’s a much better option! You get the best of both the bolt-action rifle and the TMP, but their downside is the lack of available ammo, so make the shots count if you don’t have the resources to do more. Grenades are also great for dealing quick damage.

If you have extra fish, eggs, or vipers in your inventory, you should also make sure you have amulets equipped that increase your healing from these sources. However, the amulets are random rewards from the shooting range, so you may not have any healing ones before the two giants fight.

If you do not have these items or amulets, we recommend purchasing a first aid spray from the merchant if you can afford it. The merchant refreshes his stock of first aid spray fairly regularly throughout the game, so if you have the space (and don’t mind spending the money), it’s always nice to have extra healing before a boss fight.

Phase 1: fighting strategy against the unarmed giant

As with most bosses, the first thing you’ll want to do is go around the Blast Furnace area and smash all the crates and barrels for ammo, health items, and crafting resources. Its content is random, so you will get different items if you die and try to fight again.

Let Luis shoot the armored giant for now. He does a good job of acting as a distraction while you face the unarmored giant.

You can use the same method you fought The Giant, who is damaging the giant until a parasite comes out of his back, then press the knife near him to cut the parasite (or unload all your powerful shots at the parasite while the giant has fallen).

Grenades can help take down the giant sooner, but we managed to do enough damage to the unarmed giant by shooting it in the head with our Red9 pistol on Standard difficulty.

Alternatively, you can attack the unarmed giant until its parasite comes out, then damage it while the unarmed giant is on, or partially on, the grate in the middle. When the giant is knocked down, you must run to the switch and hold the button to drop the giant into the lava.

Phase 2: fighting strategy against the armored giant

Once the unarmed giant is dead, it’s time to turn your attention to the armored boss.

The trick to defeat the armored giant in the Blast Furnace is similar to the lava trick mentioned above.

You have to run and take some shots in his unarmed parts until Luis runs away. He will soon return with some dynamite and place it on the giant’s back, when you can shoot the dynamite to knock the giant down and expose the parasite on him.

We recommend shooting the dynamite on the giant’s back around the circular grate in the middle of the room, so when it falls you can run to the switch and use it to open the grate and kill the giant by throwing it into the lava below. .

If you don’t want to do it this way, you can attack the parasite on the armored giant’s back with your most powerful weapons when it is knocked down after firing the dynamite. This way, you will get a treasure for defeating him.

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Fighting the two giants in Hardcore or Professional strategy

Everything we previously recommended for facing the two giants on Standard difficulty applies to fighting them on Extreme and Professional, except for a few additions:

  • Make sure to create a manual save right before the fight if you are playing on Professional, as there is no auto-save.
  • If you can’t get a good angle on the parasites, shoot the giants in the face.
  • The grenades are of great help in taking down the unarmed giant.
  • The giants are much more aggressive and get up faster when knocked down, so stay close when you see one come down to stab it, or take out a long-range weapon to shoot the parasite if you’re too far away (if not). using the lava trick).

Good luck facing the two giants of the Blast Furnace!

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