Resident Evil 4 hexagon puzzle solution for Stone Pedestal, Hexagon Piece locations

The hexagon puzzle in Resident Evil 4 is found on the dock in Chapter 3, but you can’t solve this Stone Pedestal puzzle until Chapter 4, as you need to obtain all the Hexagon Pieces.

To begin with, the puzzle seems incredibly complicated, but there is actually an easy solution that allows you to complete it in just two moves!

To speed up your journey, we’ve detailed a simple hex puzzle solution for the stone pedestal in Resident Evil 4 below, along with the three hex piece locations.

Please note that this is a guide for the remake of Resident Evil 4, so the solution or puzzle may not be the same in the original version.

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Resident Evil 4 Hex Piece Locations

Here’s where to find the three hexagonal pieces for the stone pedestal in Resident Evil 4:

Location of hexagonal piece A

Hex Piece A is located in front of the merchant on the docks, near the stairs. You can get it in Chapter 3 or Chapter 4.

Location of Hex Piece B

You’ll find Hex Piece B in the Fish Farm in the northwest corner, past the laser traps, near a blue medallion.

This piece can also be picked up in Chapter 3 or Chapter 4.

Location of hexagonal piece C

Hex Piece C is located in the small cave shrine in the north of the lake. You must take the boat there after defeating Del Lago and then solve the Small Cave Shrine puzzle. The hexagonal piece is in a suitcase to the right of the statue.

You can only get the hexagonal piece C in Chapter 4.

Our Resident Evil 4 walkthrough can help you through the village with guides on the Big and Little Cave Shrine puzzle solutions, the Church dial puzzle, and the Del Lago, El Gigante, and Mendez bosses. When you reach the castle, you’ll need to tackle the correct timing puzzles of the Treasure Sword, the Four Slotted Wall, the Dining Room Bell, and the Grandfather Clock, along with the Garrador Dungeon, Two Giants, and Ramon Salazar’s bosses. The island is next, and there are still puzzles with calibration puzzles, keycard locations, and a hidden wrench, along with final bosses Krauser and Sadler.

Resident Evil 4 Hex Puzzle Solution for Stone Pedestal

Once you have the three hexagonal pieces, insert them into the stone pedestal at the docks where you first got the ship.

It took us a while to find the quickest way to solve it, so to speed things up, here’s a simple hex puzzle solution for the Stone Pedestal in Resident Evil 4:

  1. Rotate the bottom left group of pieces once.
  2. Turn the top group of pieces over once.

If you prefer to see it in images, here is the first group of hexagonal pieces that you must rotate:

After that, here’s a picture of the second set of hex pieces to spin:

Finally, this is what the image should look like once the hex pieces are rotated correctly:

Once you have solved the puzzle, you will obtain the ‘Depraved Idol’ treasure, which is worth 15,000 ptas.

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