Pokémon Go Mega Banette counters, weaknesses and moveset explained

Mega Banette is the Mega Evolved form of Banette, which makes its debut in Pokémon Go as part of the Halloween 2022 event in Pokémon Go.

This news, of course, shouldn’t come as a surprise to eagle-eyed Trainers, as its spot has been available in the Mega Pokédex for quite some time now!

Like all Mega Evolutions, Mega Banette cannot be caught directly in Pokémon Go. Instead, you must continue defeating it in Mega Raids until you have collected enough Mega Banette energy for its evolution. Thanks to the Summer 2022 Mega Raid rebalance, this can now be done in a Mega Raid if you defeat Banette enough.

Below you will find Mega Banette’s counterattacks and weaknesses that will help you succeed in Pokémon Go; just remember that you need to have a Banette in your Pokémon storage to perform its mega evolution.

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Cons and weaknesses of Mega Banette in Pokémon Go

The quickest way to collect Mega Banette energy is to defeat one in a Mega Raid. Below you will find Mega Banette’s counterattacks and weaknesses that will help you achieve this:

  • Mega Banette Type – Phantom Type
  • Mega Banettea is weak against dark types and ghosts.
  • Mega Banette Mega counters: Gengar or Houndoom are the best options (depending on which charged move Mega Banette has, although this is chosen randomly). If you don’t have one of those, use Gyarados or Absol.
  • Non-Mega Mega Banette Counters: Hydreigon with Brutal Swing, Darkrai, Giratina Origin, Chandelure, and Yveltal are your best options. Otherwise, your stronger dark types or ghosts are the way to go.
  • Number of Players to Beat Mega Banette: Mega Banette can be defeated by just two players if you have good enough counters. Three players at level 40 is reasonable, and five players at level 30 should be fine, as long as you bring the right Pokémon into battle!
  • Other notes from Mega Banette: As a pure Ghost-type Pokémon, you have multiple opportunities to counterattack. Hydreigon with Brutal Swing is by far the best way to go, but make sure you have a Mega Evolved Pokémon to boost the attacks of Pokémon of the same type in your raid group and get extra candy for catching it.
  • Tactics: Mega Banette is a bit tricky because it has two attacks that will either tickle or ruin your team, depending on whether you bring ghost or dark-type Pokémon; Simply put, Dazzling Gleam destroys the dark types. There’s no way to know what attack he has, so if you’re worried about your ability to defeat him, make two teams: one that’s purely Ghost and one that’s purely Dark. It’s a coin toss you take on, so if you lose quickly by bringing in the wrong team, pick the other one when you’re returned to the lobby and you’ll have a much easier time!

Image from the Pokémon Go Halloween event.
Mega Banette was added as part of the Season of Light 2022 event. | Image credit: pokemongolive.com

Mega Banette CP in Pokémon Go

Below you will find the CP levels to fight for Mega Banette and, if defeated, catch a Banette after the fight in Pokémon Go:

  • Mega Banette Raid CP – 41038 CP
  • CP range to capture Banette: 1244 – 1313 CP
  • Weather (fog) when caught – 1555 – 1642 CP

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Mega Banette’s Best Moveset in Pokémon Go

Mega Banette can use a variety of fast and charged moves in Pokémon Go. Mega Banette’s best moves would be the steel combination of Shadow Claw (Fast) and Shadow Ball (Charged).

Mega Banette.

These are the other fast and charged moves that Mega Banette can use in Pokémon Go:

Fast movements:

  • Shadow Claw (Phantom)
  • Hex (ghost)

Charged Moves:

  • Shadow Claw (Phantom)
  • Thunder (electric)
  • Dazzling shine (Fairy)

Everything we know about Banette


The Puppet Pokémon, Banette. is a Ghost-type Pokémon from Generation 3 and is the evolved form of Shuppet.

According to the official Pokédex entry, “It is a stuffed toy that was thrown away and became possessed, always looking for whoever threw it so it could take revenge.”

Meanwhile, Mega Banette thought that wasn’t creepy enough, as seen in its official Pokédex entry: “The extraordinary energy amplifies its cursing power to such an extent that it can’t help but curse its own Trainer.”

Good luck defeating Mega Banette in Pokémon Go!

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