Optical Illusion: You have eagle eyes if you can spot the Pencil among the Buses within 21 seconds

Optical illusions have fascinated and baffled us for centuries. They challenge our perception, play tricks on our minds and make us question what we see.

Get ready for an exciting optical illusion challenge! In this amazing puzzle, you will have to find a pencil hidden among the crowded school buses.

The pencil is hidden in the image and may be difficult to find. All school buses face different directions and create a kind of optical illusion that makes it difficult to focus the pencil.

Optical illusions are captivating because they reveal the fascinating ways our brains interpret visual information.

They exploit the complex mechanisms of our visual perception, demonstrating how our minds can be tricked and deceived.

These illusions teach us that what we see is not always what it seems, encouraging us to delve deeper into the mysteries of human perception.

The image features a chaotic scene of vibrant yellow buses, and among those buses, a pencil is very cleverly hidden. This challenges your ability to distinguish it from the bustling background.

Can you find it in just 21 seconds? Let’s dive in and test your visual skills!

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Source: Go Simple Tax

How is the search for the pencil going?

This optical illusion is quite difficult but not impossible.

Try harder and you will definitely find the pencil.

This puzzle will test your attention to detail.

Still couldn’t find it?

Here’s a hint: look for the eraser behind the pencil.

You found it?

The 21 seconds will end soon. Hurry up!

3… 2… and 1!

Oh no, time’s up!

This puzzle was quite difficult and congratulations if you found the hidden pencil.

If you didn’t find the pencil, it’s okay, you can go back to the beginning and try again with no time limit this time.

Here is the solution

Find the solution of the hidden pencil

The pencil is hidden in the lower left corner.


Source: Go Simple Tax

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