Optical Illusion: There is a thief hiding in this shopping mart. Can you find the hidden thief?

Have you ever had something stolen while you were shopping at the market? If yes, then you must be knowing the pain of having something valuable stolen that you just bought from the market, or walking into a store, selecting the perfect outfit and while making the payment, you realize that someone has stolen the money you had. saved for this beautiful dress. Shopping malls are the most common places where people often lose or steal their belongings. In case your beloved belongings are ever stolen, finding the hidden thief in this challenge will ease your pain and give you a sense of justice. Don’t wait any longer and read the rules that follow.

Challenge rules

The challenge is quite simple and straightforward. We will present you a picture of a shopping mall where you can find many people running and shopping. In the image there is a thief hiding somewhere, taking advantage of the perfect moment to make a move and steal something. All you have to do in the challenge is find the thief hiding in the market. Thieves are fast in their movements and that’s why you have to be faster.

You will have only 20 seconds to find the hidden thief. Hey, who will keep track of the time? Well, we asked people on the street, but they were busy shopping. We couldn’t tell them about the thief because they would have panicked and the thief would have easily escaped from our sight in such a chaotic situation. We asked the thief, but in an attempt to deceive us he asked us for our watch. He would have stolen our watch and that’s why we didn’t ask him more. Well, joking aside, we haven’t asked anyone to check the time. Instead, we would simply make the best use of technology to help us keep track of time during the challenge. Simply set a timer for 20 seconds on your phone. Start searching for the hidden thief the moment the timer starts. He stops looking for the thief just as the timer goes off.

Now that you know all the rules, you are ready for the challenge.

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Find the thief hidden in the image in just 20 seconds!


Image source: The Marketing Journal

Hey, were you able to catch the thief? Well, we could.

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The thief has been hiding here all this time!


Image source: The Marketing Journal

It’s a risky job to find thieves. Today, many people often advise that to safeguard belongings, personal safety should never be compromised. However, some precautions can help us protect ourselves and our belongings from thieves, especially when we are in the market. First, keep a count of all the bags you have on hand and check them again from time to time. Count the number of bags you have when you enter a new store and check them again once you leave. Second, keep your grip firm. When you’re devoting your attention to those beautiful dresses in the store, it’s a good time for a thief to take the bags out of your hands, since his grip can be light. Thirdly, never trust any stranger. Gone are the days when thieves took their suitcases and ran away. Today, thieves use strategies to deceive their prey. Many use drugs and perfumes to make him unconscious and that is when they do what they want. Never try a stranger’s edibles or perfumes, as they may be suspicious.

Was the thief in the image planning to steal something from the store? Maybe. The police and the state are very proud of us. We did a good job, dear readers!

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