Optical Illusion: Find a Hidden Letter in 7 Seconds!

Optical illusion: Optical illusions are visual images that trick our visual system. They are also called visual illusions and are one of the simplest ways to test an individual’s intelligence; Its popularity is evident in its widespread use in pop culture.

There are three main types of optical illusions: literal, physiological and cognitive.

Literal illusions occur when our brain misinterprets the physical properties of an object.

Physiological illusions are caused by the way our eyes and brains process light and color.

Cognitive illusions occur when our brain makes assumptions about what we are seeing, even when evidence contradicts those assumptions.

Although optical illusions are challenging, they can be fun to participate in and also be helpful in improving observation skills and attention span.

If you’re looking for an activity that’s fun and also helps you hone your problem-solving skills, try this optical illusion challenge now!

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Optical illusion: find a hidden letter in 7 seconds


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The image shared above shows orange circles.

But hidden in the circles is a letter and you must find it in 7 seconds.

If you look closely, you will be able to identify the letter easily.

Did you see the letter?

Hurry up; the clock is ticking.

Scan the image one more time and see if you can spot anything that looks like a letter.

There are only a few seconds left.

Two one….


Time is over.

Hopefully, most of you have discovered the hidden card.

Those who could not find the letter within the time limit can take a little more time.

You can practice regularly and improve your observation skills.

Regular practice increases concentration and attention, which will make it easier to solve optical illusion challenges.

Wondering where the letter is?

Then check out the solution below.

Find the fake hairdresser in 5 seconds. 93% will fail!

Find a hidden letter in 7 seconds – Solution

The hidden letter is N, which can be seen at the bottom left of the image. The trick to detecting the hidden letter is to trace the circles that have a lighter shadow than other circles.


1 in 10 people can find 3 errors in an image in 7 seconds. You are one of them?

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