Only the sharpest mind can find which way the bus is going in 7 seconds!

Riddles are problems that require quick thinking and the correct use of logical skills. These words may make you believe that these problems are difficult to solve, but they are not. They are pretty simple to fix and don’t require much creativity. To solve this type of puzzle all you will have to do is use your common sense, your logical thinking or your observation skills. If you solve these problems daily, you will become much smarter, which is why we are here. We are here to help you learn and at the same time entertain you. So here you have a difficult but entertaining riddle.

Today we have a puzzle for you that will require you to employ fundamental skills. Let us begin.

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Puzzle: Which direction is the bus going?


Source: smartbrainpuzzles

This brain puzzle is designed by smartbrainpuzzles, a website that mainly focuses on children’s brain development and entertainment. This simple riddle that asks readers to tell which direction the bus is going has put the internet in a conundrum. Many adults have not been able to find the solution to this brain puzzle, while, surprisingly, most children have been able to.

So, we have come to you with this seemingly simple but tricky brain puzzle to test the sharpness of your mind. Set a timer for 7 seconds and begin. The solution is just below.

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Puzzle solution

The bus goes to the left. smartbrainpuzzles explains that the bus is in the United States, where drivers usually drive on the right side of the vehicle. The doors are not visible, which means that passengers would board the vehicle from the opposite side. And since the bus is in the United States, where they drive on the right, it travels on the left.


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