Only 2% High IQ People Can Spot The Hidden Woman In 5 Secs, Can you?

Optical illusion to test your IQ: There is a woman hidden very creatively in this image. This optical illusion test will trick your vision. Optical illusions can use patterns, colors, and lights to create images that can trick the brain. Information gathered from an image can create different perceptions when viewing it that may not be real. For example, when you see clouds that appear in the shape of things or objects that you have seen in reality.

Optical illusions are also fun to solve and a good exercise to reveal your IQ. Studies have found that people with higher IQs are better able to decipher optical illusions as their brain is able to block information in the background to focus on the most relevant details. One can test their observation skills, analysis, attention to details, power of concentration and creativity with optical illusions.

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Optical illusion intelligence test: can you spot the hidden woman in 5 seconds? 98% fail to detect it! optical illusion to test your IQ

Here in this illusion drawing, we can see a man and a woman enjoying a lakeside view. The landscape is beautiful. There is greenery around with tall, thin trees. The lake water is sparkling. But there is one more woman hidden in this lake scene.

Can you spot the hidden woman in 5 seconds?

Look at the image carefully. Keep in mind that you only have 5 seconds to detect it.

Test your intelligence and visual perception with this optical illusion.

Your time begins now…

1 second..

2 seconds..

3 seconds…

4 seconds…

5 seconds..

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Did you see the woman hidden in this optical illusion in 5 seconds?

If you did, bravo! Generally, optical illusions present interesting challenges in confusing our senses. But you overcame this challenge which indicates that you have good analytical skills, power of concentration, attention to details, intelligence levels, creativity and observation skill. Your fine motor skills and senses can gather information quickly and send signals to your brain to process it. You have a sharp brain that fills in the gaps in case of incomplete information in order to produce the answers.

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Optical Illusion Hidden Animals Answer

However, if you are still looking for the woman hidden in this optical illusion. Don’t worry, we have shared the answer below.

optical illusion with answers

Did you enjoy this optical illusion?

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