Only 2% Creative Genius Can Find The Butterfly In The Picture Puzzle In 5 Seconds!

Puzzles to test your IQ: Finding hidden animals in picture puzzles is a very interesting observation test. Even people with high IQs scratch their heads to find the hidden butterfly in this picture. Test your visual IQ with this puzzle. Can you find the hidden butterfly in this picture puzzle? You have 5 seconds to solve this puzzle.

Solving a picture puzzle daily helps strengthen connections between brain cells and also form new ones. Studies have shared that the benefits of picture puzzles include mental training to strengthen brain muscles, strengthening your visual IQ, creativity, concentration and memory. Puzzles can make you smart in many areas of life, such as driving, reading and working.

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Picture Puzzle IQ Test: Can your eagle eyes find the butterfly in the picture puzzle in 5 seconds?

butterfly picture puzzleImage: Cool Side

Here we have a picture puzzle showing a man riding a bicycle. He seems to be searching for the butterfly from him. Can you find the butterfly hidden in this puzzle? Most people couldn’t find the butterfly within 5 seconds. We challenge you to spot the butterfly before time runs out.

It is said that only people with high visual intelligence can find the butterfly quickly within 5 seconds.

Your time starts now!

We have provided the answer below. Scroll down only after solving the puzzle.

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Did you find the butterfly in this image in 5 seconds?

Good job!

You have a sharp brain. Your mental speed will also be good if you are able to solve puzzles within a stipulated time. He has excellent visual IQ, spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and short-term memory.

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Find the answer to the butterfly puzzle

However, if you are still trying to find the butterfly in this puzzle, we have provided the answer below. (see white circle)

butterfly picture puzzle with answers

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