Only 2% can spot the tiger hunting ducks in the picture within 8 seconds!

You probably know that solving puzzles every day makes you smarter. These online puzzles have been scientifically proven to improve your cognitive abilities, memory strength, and logical and observation skills. Furthermore, these brain problems are real mood boosters. You will be able to test yourself and improve your skills while having fun along the way. This is a win-win situation.

So, today we are here with a new version of these hidden object puzzles. We have prepared a visual test for you today. The concept of this new brain puzzle is quite simple. You must examine a photograph and detect an object hidden inside. The hidden item could be anything from objects like watches and books to animals, birds and reptiles.

So are you ready to challenge your vision? Let’s start.

Find the tiger in 8 seconds


Source: Pinterest

You can see a group of ducks near a body of water. Ducks hide from one of the fiercest predators on the planet. A majestic tiger lurks near the ducks, waiting for the right moment to attack. You have to save the poor ducks and find the tiger in just 8 seconds. You can do it?

You know what you have to do. Grab your phones, set the timer for 8 seconds, and get started.

All the best.

In the meantime, here are some fun facts about tigers.

  • Like human fingerprints, a tiger’s stripes are unique. Each tiger has a distinct stripe that helps distinguish one tiger from another.
  • The global population of these majestic animals is declining due to illegal poaching. India has more than half of the remaining tiger population.
  • Tigers use their ears to communicate. Fascinating, isn’t it?

If you are able to solve this visual puzzle in 8 seconds, then, my friend, you have amazing visual skills. You belong to the top 2% of the population with great observation skills. However, if you fail to spot the tiger in the picture puzzle within the given time, don’t worry, there are other puzzles waiting for you. Maybe you can find them. Take this one for example:

Only someone with powerful vision can detect the leopard hidden among the leaves in 9 seconds!

Go ahead and try this. Let’s get back to today’s brain puzzle.

The solution is given at the end. Scroll down to see it.

Visual test solution

Here is the hidden tiger:


Source: Pinterest

Congratulations to those who were able to detect the tiger in the indicated time. For those who couldn’t solve this puzzle, better luck next time. Or maybe you can try:

Finding the chameleon in this image is impossible. Can you find it in 7 seconds?

You have great survival skills if you can find the crocodile in the murky waters within 5 seconds!

You have the greatest observation skills in the world if you can spot 4 differences between the images of the beach girl in 12 seconds!

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