Is the Movie Snitch Based on a True Story? Snitch Movie Ending Explained

Is the movie “The Golden Snitch” based on a true story?

Yes, the movie “The Golden Snitch” is indeed based on a true story. The film was directed by Rick Roman Waugh and released in 2013. It tells the story of John Matthews, played by Dwayne Johnson. John goes undercover with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) after his son, Jason Collins, is mistakenly involved in the drug trade by his best friend.

The film is inspired by the true story of DEA informant James Settembrino. In the movie, John Matthews takes extreme measures to help his son clear his name, ultimately infiltrating the dangerous world of drug trafficking to secure his son’s freedom. The story highlights the challenges and risks faced by individuals who work as informants with law enforcement agencies in cases involving drug crimes.

The cast of “Snitch” includes Dwayne Johnson, Barry Pepper, Susan Sarandon, Jon Bernthal, Benjamin Bratt and Michael Kenneth Williams. Snitch blends elements of the action and thriller genres while exploring the complexities of the justice system and the lengths a father is willing to go to protect his son.

Golden Snitch movie ending explained

At the end of Snitch, John Collins successfully executes a daring plan to save himself and Daniel from the government and a dangerous drug cartel. While John manages to elude Agent Cooper’s surveillance during an elaborate drug operation, Daniel infiltrates Malik’s home, driven by a desire to protect his family and settle scores with Malik.

Inside Malik’s compound, Daniel confronts and defeats Malik’s guards, ultimately mortally wounding Malik himself. As he lay dying, Malik revealed important information: He revealed Pintra’s cellphone number to Daniel. Armed with this newfound intelligence, John sprang into action. He contacted Agent Cooper and convinced him to track both his new phone and Pinterra’s.

This strategic move actually nets Cooper the jackpot: not just drug money, but the capture of the elusive cartel leader Pintra. The cartel realizes that John is an informant, leading to a high-stakes highway chase and a dramatic shootout. Despite being fiercely hunted down, John and his family managed to escape the claws of the drug cartel.

In the climactic confrontation, federal agents surrounded Pintra, who eventually surrendered because his young son was with him. As a token of his gratitude, John left Daniel with a large federal reward check he had received for Pintra’s capture, to ensure his and his family’s well-being.

The ending of the movie is positive, Jason is released, John and his family enter the witness protection program and start a new life, free from the cartel’s retaliation. John’s complex plan not only saves his son, but busts a major drug operation and ensures justice is served.


Whistleblower conspiracy

In the movie Snitch, the plot unfolds with the arrest of Jason Collins, a college student who inadvertently becomes involved in a drug trafficking scheme masterminded by his friend Craig. DEA officers raided the home of Jason, who was arrested on drug-related charges and faces at least 10 years in prison under mandatory sentencing laws. The dire situation prompted Jason’s estranged father, John Matthews, to take matters into his own hands.

John, played by Dwayne Johnson, is a successful businessman who owns a construction company. After learning of his son’s plight, he sets out on a mission to secure Jason’s freedom. John’s journey brings him into a dangerous alliance with the DEA, and U.S. Attorney Joanne Keegan offers a deal: If John helps capture the drug dealer, his son’s sentence will be reduced.

John, not an experienced informant, recognizes Daniel James, an employee with a criminal history, and convinces him to introduce John to drug dealers. Little does Daniel know that John is acting as an informant. This sets off a chain of events that entangles John in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse with Malik, a dangerous local drug dealer.

As the operation intensifies, John’s promise to save his son collides with the risks involved, including the wrath of the cartel and vacillating promises from the government. The plot thickens as John and Daniel devise a plan to outwit the cartel and the DEA, leading to a dramatic showdown, a highway chase, and a high-stakes resolution that ends with Jason’s release and John’s The family has also entered the witness protection program. “The Informer” explores a father’s efforts to protect his children and the complexities of navigating the underworld and law enforcement to achieve this goal.

The Golden Snitch cast



Dwayne Johnson

John Matthews

Barry Pepper

DEA Agent Cooper

Benjamin Bratt

Juan Carlos “El Topo” Pintra

Harold Perrineau

Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Steele

Susan Sarandon

District Attorney Joanne Keegan

Joe Bernthal

Daniel James

Michael Kenneth Williams

Malik Anderson

Melina Canakaredes

sylvie collins

Nadine Velazquez

Annalisa Matthews

Rafi Gavron

Jason Collins

David Harbor

Jay Price

Kayla Campos

Isabel Matthews

Jason Douglas


Richard Cabral


James Allen McCune

Craig Johnson

JD Pardo


Cam Jackson

DEA Agent Sims

Leila Rowland

Vanessa James

Where can I watch Snitch?

The movie “The Golden Snitch” is available to watch on various streaming platforms. It’s available for streaming on Max, Prime Video, and Netflix, providing a viewing experience for a broad audience. Plus, you have the option to rent or buy movies on platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu.

This gives viewers the flexibility to choose how they prefer to watch, whether through a subscription service or pay-per-view. So whether you subscribe to one of the above-mentioned streaming platforms or prefer to rent or buy movies, The Informer makes your viewing experience convenient.

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