How Many Kids Does Howie Mandel Have? Who Is Howie Mandel? Know Everything About Howie Mandel

How many children does Howie Mandel have?

Howie Mandel is a well-known comedian, actor, and television personality, as well as a dedicated family man. He and his wife, Terry Soil, have a loving family. The couple had three children together, making Howie a proud father.

Their family consists of two daughters, Jackie and Riley, and one son, Alex. Howie Mandel’s devotion to family was evident in both his personal life and his public persona. He has openly discussed his experiences as a father in various interviews and public appearances, revealing the joys and challenges of parenting.

Despite his busy career in the entertainment industry, Howie Mandel puts his family first and cherishes the time he spends with his wife and children. His dedication to his professional and personal life showcases the versatility of this beloved TV personality.

Who is Howie Mandel?

Howie Mandel is a well-known Canadian-American comedian, actor, television host and producer. He has been recognized for his multi-talented career spanning decades in the entertainment industry. Howie Mandel was born on November 29, 1955 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has achieved fame and success in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Mandel began his career in stand-up comedy, where his unique blend of humor and quirky personality quickly earned him popularity. In the 1980s, he became a regular guest on television comedy shows and talk shows.

full name

Howard Michael Mandel

date of birth

November 29, 1955


67 years old

place of birth

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Comedian, actor, television host, producer


1.78 meters

Country of Citizenship


He gained further recognition as the host of the hit game show Deal or No Deal, where his charming and affable hosting style endeared him to viewers. Mandel also served as a judge on the talent show “America’s Got Talent”, endearing him to fans for his candid feedback and sense of humor.

In addition to his television work, Howie Mandel has appeared in numerous films and television series. He is best known for voicing Gizmo in the Gremlins series and playing Dr. Wayne Fiscus on the medical drama St. Elsewhere.

Mandel’s career has been marked by versatility, ranging from stand-up comedy to hosting game shows and playing various roles. He has been recognized for his comedic talent, unique voice, and contributions to the entertainment industry.


How old is Howie Mandel?

Howie Mandel is 67 years old. He was born on November 29, 1955. His date of birth is November 29, 1955, marking his birthplace in the world. Howie Mandel was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has gone through nearly seventy years of life and accumulated rich experience and achievements along the way.

He has had a major impact on the entertainment industry over the years, showcasing his talents in various fields including stand-up comedy, acting, game show hosting and production. His enduring career is a testament to his versatility and the enduring appeal of his comedic talent.

Howie Mandel Nationality

Howie Mandel is a Canadian-American citizen. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and later became a United States citizen. This dual citizenship reflects his ties to Canada and the United States.

Howie Mandel’s career

Howie Mandel has had a multi-faceted career in the entertainment industry, achieving notable achievements in various fields.

  1. Stand-up Comedy: Howie Mandel began his career as a stand-up comedian, gaining recognition for his unique style of humor, which often included physical comedy and an eccentric personality. His comedic talents made him famous in the comedy industry.

  2. Television Appearances: During the 1980s, Mandel further established himself as a comedian by appearing on television comedy shows and talk shows. His infectious energy and haunting comedic performances have made him a sought-after guest on a variety of shows.

  3. Acting Career: Howie Mandel began his career in acting and became famous for his roles in movies and television. Notably, he voiced Gizmo in the Gremlins series and played Dr. Wayne Fiscus in the medical drama St. Elsewhere. His performance work showcases his versatility as an entertainer.

  4. Game Show Host: One of Mandel’s career highlights was serving as host of the hit game show “Deal or No Deal.” His charismatic and charismatic hosting style made the show a success and made him an audience favorite. Deal or No Deal made a significant contribution to his career as a television personality.

  5. “America’s Got Talent”: Mandel also gained recognition as a judge on the talent show “America’s Got Talent.” His candid and humorous feedback to contestants endeared him to viewers, and he became a regular on the show for several seasons.

  6. Production Work: Howie Mandel has been involved in producing various entertainment projects, adding another dimension to his career. He contributes to the creation and development of television content.

  7. Mental health advocacy: Mandel has been an advocate for mental health awareness, particularly regarding his own experiences with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). His openness about these challenges helps raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

howie mandel parents

Howie Mandel’s parents are of European Jewish descent. His parents’ names are Al Mandel and Ivy Mandel. They played an important role in his life and upbringing. However, Howie Mandel prefers to keep his family life private, and details about his parents’ personal lives and backgrounds may not be widely available in the public domain.

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