If you have good observation skills, then you can easily find which character is hiding behind the zigzag lines.

Brain teasers are riddles or riddles that must be solved using logical skills. These puzzles usually include tasks such as finding the missing word, object, or number in a picture or text. These brain puzzles are quite ubiquitous in our daily lives and are often recognized as one of the most effective ways to improve our cognitive abilities.

Puzzles come in a variety of forms. Some are simple and can be solved using logical or observational skills; while others are complicated and require your attention, concentration and analytical skills to solve. Solving challenging puzzles and riddles activates your brain cells and improves your cognitive skills.

That’s why we’re back with yet another brain problem to awaken your vision.

Are you ready? Let’s start.

Logic Test: You are a logical expert if you can find which shoe does not have a pair in 7 seconds!

What animated character is hiding behind the zigzag lines?


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The image above shows yellow zigzag lines. There is an animated character hidden behind the lines. If you have good observation skills, you will be able to find out which character is hidden in this picture puzzle. To make it more challenging, we are introducing a time limit for this puzzle. You have 12 seconds to solve this, so set your timers and get ready. Your time starts now. Good luck, guys.

You have hawk eyes if you can spot 3 words hidden in the garden picture in 12 seconds!

And time ran out. Could you find which character was hidden in this brain puzzle? Scroll down to see the solution.

Puzzle solution

Homer Simpson, from the animated series ‘The Simpsons’, was hiding behind the zigzag lines. Have a look:


Can you spot a butterfly, a bat and a duck in the garden in 11 seconds?

You have high definition eyes if you can see the soldier’s wife in the 19th century picture in 8 seconds!

You have sharp vision if you can find the tiger in the park within 5 seconds.

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