How to unlock fishing and fish in Harvestella

Fishing is a good way to earn money and find useful ingredients for cooking in Harvestella.

However, you first need to know how to unlock fishing in Harvestella and once that is done, you will be able to fish to your heart’s content.

Below we also cover how to fish and exactly how many fish there are in Harvestella.

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How to Unlock Fishing in Harvestella

If you want to go fishing in Harvestella, you must purchase Fishing Knowledge for 800 Grilla at the Lethe General Store.

You can easily obtain the required Grid as early as Chapter 1 of Harveysella, by farming and then selling the crops they give you. If you want some extra money, you can also sell the items you get by collecting, mining, or killing monsters.

We recommend unlocking fishing as quickly as possible during your Harvestella adventure, because it is an easy method to earn money and you can eventually transform fish into tasty meals by cooking them.

Harvestella Fishing

Now that you’ve acquired Fishing Knowledge, it’s time to start fishing in Harvestella!

To do this, you must visit one of the many fishing spots that are spread around the world. These locations are represented by a small fish icon, which appears both in the world and on the map.

Find fishing spots on the map.

Once you’ve found one of these icons, simply follow the “Start Fishing” instructions on the screen to start fishing.

Fishing at Harvestella is very much a waiting game: you may have to wait hours to catch a fish or catch one in just a few minutes. Either way, the moment you’re waiting for is when there’s a big splash at the end of your line. When this happens, quickly reel in your line to discover what you’ve caught.

You’re in for a big splash!

It’s important to remember that you’re looking for a big, visible splash, not just the lure bobbing up and down in the water. The jiggling lure is simply an indication that you will soon be able to catch a fish, and if you reel in the line when you see it, you won’t catch anything at all.

How many fish are there in Harvestella?

There are 58 different types of fish, including crustaceans, that you can catch at Harvestella.

Completing your fish collection will be quite a time investment, because it involves fishing at many of the different fishing spots spread across the world of Harvestella. Not to mention waiting for the fish to take the bait!

Remember: you can make good money selling the fish you catch!

Have fun fishing at Harvestella!

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