How to place multiple player homes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can now have multiple player houses in Disney Dreamlight Valley. No, the game is not multiplayer at this time; we’re talking about you having a few different houses in your valley and in whatever biome you want to live in.

Storage space in Disney Dreamlight Valley is something coveted, so any way to increase it considerably is a plus and that’s where multiple houses will come in handy. Additionally, if you have a home design in your inventory, this is the opportunity to take it out and appreciate it in all its glory.

We’re excited about this, so we’re going to show you how to place multiplayer houses in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Remembering update trailer.

How to Place Multiplayer Houses in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To place multiple houses in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must have one or more house layouts. You can get them by spending Moonstone in the Item Shop. The appearances of the houses in this store change from time to time, so if you see one that you really want to have, then it is worth getting it.

Once you have an extra house skin, go to the biome you want to live in. Next, open your inventory menu and select the “Furniture” option.

In the menu that appears, select the ‘Home’ option and you should see all the home skins that you are not currently using.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Furniture House Menu Highlighted

Select the house you want to place and then simply place it in your chosen biome.

disney dreamlight valley house skin menu

You can move the house as much as you want for free and you don’t need to worry about Scrooge McDuck’s construction charges when doing this since you’ve already paid for the look of the house.

Additionally, as with other furniture, the house cannot pass through or over obstacles such as rocks or seashells.

Disney Dreamlight Valley places new house on Dazzle Beach

This is where things get interesting, once you place your house inside and you will find a big surprise…

disney valley of dreamlight empty house


This and any new player houses you place in the valley will be a blank canvas reflecting the current level of your original house. We have three bedrooms above our master bedroom and that was reflected in our second home in Dazzle Beach.

This means you can decorate this house, fill it with storage, custom furniture, or anything you want to fill it with and it won’t change anything in your original house or other houses!

We hope you enjoy your new home and everything the latest update has to offer at Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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