How to get into the Forest Array in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Entering the Forest Array in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is one of the tasks you’ll face while following the main story missions in Koboh. You’ll arrive at the Forest Array near the end of part of a quest that tasks Cal with entering the Koboh Forest and turning the Array back on.

As with many elements of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there is a puzzle that you must solve in order to enter the Forest Array tower. The solution to this puzzle is a combination of hitting the Stormtroopers with your lightsaber and a bit of reshuffling.

Without further ado, we’ll show you how to enter the Forest Array in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Let’s play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How to enter the Forest Array in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Once you’ve reached the large machine that produces a large beam of light just outside the Array, use the Force on the switch near the machine to turn it so that the beam is facing this direction:

star wars jedi survivor forest matrix light beam

Follow the path of light and go up the metal bars at the end. Continue up and around the grates until you drop onto a platform. On the platform, you should see some steps against the far wall.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array steps to form

Head up these stairs and to your right you should see a Relter waiting for you. By now Koboh, you should already know a bit about taming and riding animals.

Use the Relter to dash to the area with several Stormtroopers on it. Take them all out however you like, as the next part is easier without them.

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Once you’ve cleared the area, you should be able to see a large door. Walk towards the door and interact with it to open it. Then you will be able to see the great machine of light again.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array door to the world

Go through the doors and reach the edge of the platform in front of the light machine. He then uses a Force Pull to remove the orb from the center of the machine.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array taking the orb

Turn around to face the Forest Array tower. Use a Force Push to launch the orb over the gap between platforms and then jump across the gap, quickly picking up the orb again once you land.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array launching the orb

Now take the orb up the stairs and you should see an orb stand to your right. Gently drop the orb onto the stand and a bridge will appear.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Orb on First Holder

Cross the bridge to the central platform, then turn around and face the orb stand you are currently on. Don’t stand on the bridge or you will fall once you move the orb.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array stealing the orb from the bridge

Use a Force Pull to grab the orb from the stand and pull it towards you. Then turn around and face the Forest Array tower again. This time, the headline is a bit harder to spot.

You need to aim the orb at the support on the right side of the opposite platform and then forcefully push it towards there. We’ve circled the headline in the image below to make it easier to spot:

Final Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Orb Stand Location

Then, once the orb lands on the stand, another bridge will form. Cross the bridge and enter the elevator at the base of the tower. Once at the top of the tower, go up the stairs and through the doors. Then ask BD-1 to flip the switch to your left to power up the Array.

All you need to do now is follow the path to the next room, but we recommend visiting the meditation spot at the top of the elevator to save your progress and rest Cal before continuing.

That’s all for entering the Forest Array and turning it on. Now something else awaits you, but we will not reveal it to you.

May the force be with you!

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