How to fall 5 stories or more without taking damage in Fortnite

“Fall 5 floors or more without taking damage” is currently a weekly quest in Fortnite.

Given the state of the current season, with its numerous movement options, grinding rails, and Force abilities, there are actually several ways to complete this Fortnite mission.

Below we explain how to fall 5 floors or more in Fortnite without taking damage, as well as information about the rewards you will obtain.

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How to fall 5 floors or more without taking damage in Fortnite

There are several ways to complete the ‘Fall 5 Stories or More without taking damage’ quest in Fortnite, but they all boil down to using an item or item to apply fall damage negation to your character. The easiest way to do this is to drop in Mega City, on one of the skyscrapers. From here you can use a vent or a Grind Rail. Launch yourself from the grinding rail or vent and land on the ground below. This will complete the challenge.

Other ways to complete this quest include using the ODM Gear, Kinetic Blade, or the lightsaber’s Double-Jump Force ability from a height. There are also zip lines and the Kinetic Ore launch to consider. 5 Stories isn’t actually that high, so jumping off a small hill will probably suffice. You can also ask a friend to forcefully push you from Loot Island if you prefer.

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What are the rewards for falling 5 floors without taking damage in Fortnite?

Since it’s a weekly quest, falling 5 floors without taking damage will net you 12K XP upon completion. You’ll also earn progress towards your main weekly mission total, which awards 34,000 XP for every five missions completed.

Have fun falling 5 floors or more in Fortnite! And of course, be careful.

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