How to beat Vanadis Valkyrie boss fight in God of War Ragnarök

The Vanadis boss fight marks the return of the Valkyries in God of War Ragnarök, who are unfortunately as difficult to defeat as ever.

There are two phases to the Vanadis boss fight, and we have the best strategy and tips on how to beat Vanadis Valkyrie in God of War Ragnarök during each phase below.

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The Vanadis Valkyrie boss fights in Phase 1 in God of War Ragnarök

Phase 1 of the Vanadis Valkyrie boss fight begins with a terrifying jump scare as you fight other enemies. He has a few attack patterns in this first phase, but the most important thing to remember is to use Atreus’ sonic arrows on Vanadis.

This stuns Vanadis Valkyrie for a moment, allowing Kratos to close in for a quick melee attack before retreating again. He increases Atreus’s arrows to the maximum and then releases them all at once to repeat this melee opportunity. We recommend Blades of Chaos for this part, especially if you’re spinning the blades to rack up burn damage first.

We also recommend that you do not use rune attacks unless they are very fast, as you are vulnerable when performing them and Vanadis is a very fast and deadly opponent. If you still want to use them, wait until she is stunned by Sonic Arrows.

As for avoiding his attacks, back away as Vanadis jumps and raises his sword. There will be a red ring to indicate when this will happen. Hit right after this attack, but be prepared to quickly dodge again.

Vanadis will also fire projectiles that you must avoid by dodging left, right, or blocking; Usually he will attack Kratos right after this, so he blocks after the projectile attack just in case.

If Vanadis has a double blue ring around her, double tap L1 to shield hit her if you’re close enough. If you’re not around, don’t rush to attack Shield Bash, as you won’t have enough time and there will be projectiles that you’ll have to block soon.

Phase 1 ends when Vanadis Valkyrie loses three bars of health.

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The Vanadis Valkyrie boss fights in Phase 2 in God of War Ragnarök

After a short cutscene, Kratos will gain the Valor skill, allowing you to activate Rage with L3 + R3 to heal yourself instead of entering Fury mode – very useful for this difficult boss fight!

Use Valor when you can to heal Kratos while attacking Vanadis as before; only this time the red ring around the Valkyrie means it could launch poison circles, so stay out of the way of the green circles to avoid them damaging you. .

Just like before, use Atreus’s sonic arrows to stun Vanadis Valkyrie and use the Blades of Chaos to damage her between attacks that block and dodge. She remembers, don’t use rune abilities unless they are very fast, as Kratos is vulnerable while he performs them.

Once you get her down to one health bar, the boss fight will end and Vanadis will lift her mask.

Good luck facing Vanadis!

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