How to beat Rekka in Hi-Fi RUSH

Beating Rekka in Hi-Fi RUSH requires a lot of patience. Rekka isn’t particularly happy that a flaw has managed to escape and been wreaking havoc. Aside from the fact that you’re probably not happy about Rekka calling you a flaw, you need to defeat them so you can help Peppermint figure out what Vandelay is up to.

Rekka is a tricky boss in Hi-Fi RUSH, but once you know how to anticipate and counter her attacks, you’ll be able to take them down pretty quickly. Without further ado, we’ll show you how to beat Rekka in Hi-Fi RUSH.

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How to beat Rekka in Hi-Fi RUSH

Rekka has an aggressive attack style, so dodging and moving to the optimal attack position are two things worth doing during battle.

stage one

The first part of the battle includes a few different attacks. Rekka uses dash attacks where they look at you, turn to face you, and quickly dash towards you to knock you down. This one deals a good amount of damage, but you can judge when it will happen. When Rekka stops walking and turns to you, he looks at the ground in front of them.

If a small area on the ground directly in front of them is highlighted, this is the sign that they are about to lunge. Make sure you’re not in the direction the highlighted piece is facing and you’ll be out of the way of the attack.

Additionally, they have a ground slam attack. This attack begins with Rekka launching herself into the air. Once they are in the air, instantly move away from where you were to avoid the attack.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai is in front of Rekka at the beginning of the fight.
Keep your distance for now, this will save your health for later.

During this barrage of attacks, he calls out Peppermint to start dealing damage to Rekka. You’ll want to keep your distance for most of this section, until the opportune moment to attack appears.

There will be small moments between attacks where Rekka will charge or plan the next one. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Try to get behind Rekka and bombard him with rhythm attacks. Combo attacks and special attacks deal the most damage, but are slower so Rekka can move out of the way.

Stage two

After taking the first part of Rekka’s health, the fight will become electric. No, seriously, Rekka can now electrocute you after some ground work.

They will be electrically charged for a short period of time, do not try to attack them during this time. Keep your distance and dodge around the edge of the room, but watch for Rekka to stop moving.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Rekka grabs onto electrical wires to gain electrical skills.
This certainly brightens the room.

Once Rekka stops moving in her electrified state, move the camera towards the ceiling quickly. Once the control prompt appears for Chai to latch onto one of the magnets on the ceiling, do so. If you don’t, you’ll be caught in the wave of electricity that Rekka sends throughout the floor.

After the electricity dissipates, Rekka will briefly be vulnerable to any and all attacks. He runs towards them (or get close to them) while calling Peppermint and attacking them repeatedly. Once Rekka recovers, you’ll be able to do a few more quick attacks, but then watch out for her next quick attack.

Once they’re out of the way, they’ll get a shield. Chai can’t break these shields, but Peppermint can. She stands against a wall and continues dodging Rekka while calling Peppermint. You will have to call Peppermint twice to break Rekka’s shield.

Hi-Fi Rush, Chai holds his guitar gun and aims it at a weakened Rekka.
Try not to get too trusting with Chai, Rekka has a few tricks up her sleeve.

After Rekka’s shield has been broken, continue attacking them while dodging their attacks. They’ll use the same attacks as before in battle, so you can judge when to dodge and when to attack.

Stage three

Once Rekka’s health has been reduced by half, they will pull pipes out of the wall and start throwing them at you. This part isn’t about attacking, it’s about surviving.

Bars will appear on the ground indicating where the pipes will be launched, dodge left and right to make sure Chai is not standing on any of them. The attacks will become progressively faster, but will eventually give way if you dodge them long enough.

After the pipe attacks subside, you have to try again to wear down Rekka’s health bar.

However, Rekka has a new move: they will grow large, powerful arms. They will then lunge towards you and try to grab you. To avoid this attack, you must dodge it twice to make sure you are out of the way. If you get even close to Rekka, they will grab you and beat you to a pulp.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Rekka grabbed Chai and threw him into the air.
This is an excellent example of what not to do…

The easiest way to wear down Rekka is to dodge her attacks and try to get behind them. Also, call Peppermint as much as she can for a little extra help. Special attacks work particularly well here, if you can time them correctly. If your attack bar is not ready, fast and strong attacks also work.

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Final stage

After her health reaches its final section, Rekka will rip more pipes out of the wall. This time, they’ll use them like baseball bats and hit them at you.

After two or three hits, Rekka will pause briefly to regain her strength. This is when you should throw all the attacks you have at them. Once they get up again and drop the pipes, step back and make sure you’re out of the way to avoid getting hit.

Hi-Fi RUSH, a still image of an angry but exhausted Rekka
Rekka is weaker but faster in this section, be careful.

The other new attack that Rekka has is easy to anticipate. They will raise their arms in the area and a circle will appear on the ground around them. Make sure you are not in this circle to avoid the attack.

Rekka will then continue to recycle all attacks used in the battle so far. Now it’s a matter of rinse and repeat at the pace to take down this boss.

Once Rekka’s health bar is completely low, they will become amazed and start seeing stars. Run towards them and attack them once more to end the battle.

Hi-Fi RUSH, Chai holds Rekka's golden boss belt after defeating them.
You’ve earned bragging rights for a minute, but only for a minute.

That’s it for beating Rekka! Enjoy fighting to the beat to find out what Vandelay is doing.

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