Is Channel 4’s Screw Based on True Story? Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

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Screw is a riveting British prison drama that premiered on Channel 4 on 6 January 2022 and revolves around the intricate lives of prisoners and staff within correctional facilities. Starring a stellar cast including Nina Sosanya and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, the series is a production of STV Studios, known for its gritty realism and compelling storytelling.

The series delves into the challenges inmates face in prison life, depicting their personal struggles, alliances and rivalries. The prison’s tense atmosphere is further heightened by the complex relationships between the inmates and the dedicated staff who work tirelessly to maintain order.

With its second season released on August 30, 2023, Screw continues to captivate audiences with its raw portrayal of the criminal justice system, humanizing its characters while revealing the harsh realities of incarceration. This gripping series exemplifies Channel 4’s commitment to thought-provoking and socially relevant content, becoming a platform for exploring the multi-faceted nature of redemption, power and survival in the brutal environment of prison.

Is Channel 4’s Screwball based on a true story?

No, Channel 4 drama Screw is not based on a true story. Although it is inspired by real-life experiences, the plot and characters of the show are fictional. The prison drama returns for its second season on August 30 and follows the lives of guards at Naganuma Prison.

The show’s writer, BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Rob Williams, was influenced by his personal experiences working and volunteering in various prisons. Although the show is intended to be a realistic depiction of a prison environment, it is not a direct translation of actual events.

The characters and stories are the product of creative imagination and seek to show the many facets of prison life beyond violence and suffering, emphasizing humor, humanity and genuine relationships between prisoners and staff.


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Screw is a British television series broadcast on Channel 4. Set at Long Marsh Men’s Prison, the series delves into the lives of two prison guards and their colleagues, who are all stationed in the C-Wing. The show intricately follows the challenges, conflicts and emotional struggles that officers face within the complex dynamics of prison life.

The plot revolves around the two protagonists, unraveling their personal and professional journeys. Viewers witness officers dealing with the daily trials of maintaining order, managing inmates with diverse backgrounds and behaviors, and coping with the toll the prison environment takes on their mental and emotional well-being. As friendships form and tensions rise among prison staff, the series delves into their personal motivations and desires, exploring the many facets of their lives outside prison walls.

“Screw” deftly depicts the moral dilemmas encountered by officers, their changing relationships with prisoners, and the conflicts that arise between prisoners and staff. The series authentically depicts the intricacies of the prison system and the human stories behind it, offering a thought-provoking and engaging narrative that reveals the complexities of justice, empathy and the human spirit.

Channel 4’s Screws Trailer

Channel 4’s Screw Casting



Jamie Lee O’Donnell

rose jill

Nina Sosanya

Leigh Henry

Faraz Ayub

Ali Shah

Laura Checkley

Jackie Stokes

Stephen White

Gary Campbell

ron donage

don carpenter

bill blackwood

Tony Tanner

Mark Newsom


jack davis

stephen childs

Nicholas Lumley


Ben Tavasoli

luis costa

jordon merry

Raheem Bennett

Jack McMullen

connor joyce

channel four screw review

The play is set in a prison environment and focuses on the lives of prisoners and prison guards. The show’s core premise is unique, offering a perspective from the perspective of a guard rather than a prisoner.

The cast included actors such as Nina Sosanya and Jamie Lee O’Connell, whose performances were generally well received. However, the show seemed to struggle to find a consistent tone, as some critics mentioned that it was unclear whether the show was a comedy or a drama.

Some reviews noted that the show’s writing left something to be desired, with some forced comedy moments and unbelievable behavior from the characters. Some viewers found the mix of drama and comedy odd, while others appreciated certain aspects of the show, such as its treatment of sensitive topics like transgender prisoners and survivors of child molestation.

The perception is that the show has its moments but may not live up to its full potential. Some critics have noted that it doesn’t quite compare to other famous prison dramas such as “Wentworth” or “The Wizard of Oz.” The central idea of ​​the play is to focus on daily life in Block C of the prison, and compare the play to Waterloo Road, which is set in a prison environment.

Looking at the character dynamics, there appear to be conflicts and relationships between prison staff, both experienced and new. While some viewers enjoyed the fresh perspective the show offered, others expressed disappointment with the execution of the story, which they felt was disjointed and lacked clear direction.

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