Fortnite Winterfest 2022 presents list and how to get all gifts

Winterfest 2022 continues the Christmas tradition of giving out free gifts in Fortnite to those who visit Cozy Lodge.

The free rewards change each year, so we’ve got a list of all the Winterfest 2022 gifts in Fortnite below, including what reward is in each gift.

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How to get gifts in Fortnite during Winterfest 2022

To get free Winterfest rewards in Fortnite, you need to go to the Cozy Lodge and open gifts. A new gift will be available every day until Winterfest ends on January 3, 2023 at 9am EST, which is 2pm in the UK (GMT).

Don’t worry if you can’t log into Fortnite every day, you won’t miss out! Gifts accumulate, so you can get all the rewards as long as you open all the gifts before January 3, 2023.

To go to Cozy Lodge, go to the snowflake section in the main menu, next to “Play”, then press the button to enter.

You will then be taken to the fireplace of a beautiful cabin where you will see gifts stacked to the left and right of the room. Click on one of the piles of gifts and then select which gift you want to open to get your reward for that day.

You’ll know how many gifts you can open by looking at the counter in the upper left corner of the screen, next to the number of the day.

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List of all Winterfest 2022 gifts in Fortnite

Each gift at Cozy Lodge has a specific reward inside. You can open them in any order except the one that says “Open Last” and the one Gruff is holding in the middle of the room, as it can only be opened once all the other gifts have been unwrapped.

Thanks to HYPEX on YouTube for filling in the blanks, if you’re looking for a specific reward, here’s a list of all the Winterfest 2022 gifts and exactly what’s inside each of them:

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