Forspoken Trophy guide, every hidden achievement and unlock requirements explained

Forspoken has 24 trophies to collect on PlayStation 5 as you travel through Athia. You can collect them by completing story missions and reaching certain milestones in the game.

However, it is important to remember that there are only 53 PC trophies to collect because you cannot get the Platinum trophy for this platform.

Do you want to collect them all for Forspoken? We are here to show you all the Forspoken trophies, their unlock requirements and we also list all the hidden trophies.

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List of abandoned achievements and trophies

Forspoken has 24 trophies to collect on PlayStation, not including hidden ones. If you play on PC, there will be 23 trophies, since you cannot get the Platinum trophy on this platform.

Frey abandoned in upper Cipal

You can collect these trophies by following the story, completing side activities, and generally wandering around the map to explore Athia.

Here are all the basic non-hidden Forspoken trophies:

Trophy how to unlock it Qualification
abandoned Win all trophies Platinum
does it move Earn the praise of the powerful Pylo with your dance. Bronze
Remembrance I gave a complete set of memories to the deceased. Bronze
A roaring trade Exchange dolls for all available items. Bronze
person outdoors Set up camp Bronze
Pilgrimage: Start Visit your first monument Bronze
Explorer: Search Visit ten points of interest Bronze
Unlocked potential Spend mana to learn a spell for the first time. Bronze
Call of the Source: Baptized Acquire magical powers for the first time at a Fountain of Blessing Bronze
handyman Create an article for the first time. Bronze
Jump, take a step, jump Make five Shimmies in a row Bronze
career hell Perform magical parkour for twenty seconds straight Bronze
Endless runner Travel a total of 100 km using magical parkour Bronze
I can fly! Use Hover to stay in the air for ten seconds. Bronze
jumper Jump on enemies a total of ten times. Bronze
Such for that Make ten precision counters. Bronze
Mercilessly Perform thirty killer blows Bronze
beat them dead Take out three or more enemies with a single burst of Surge Magic. Bronze
Help me here Use the Disperse spell three times in a single battle. Bronze
Disgusting surprise Electrocute three enemies at once Bronze
Through the eyes of another: empathy Complete your first flashback challenge at a Monument of Wisdom. Bronze
cat person Become friends with all of Tanta’s relatives. Bronze
happy snapper Show the children photographs taken at all the photo locations. Bronze
Far beyond Improve all your spells Bronze

Forspoken has arrived and we have boss strategies to help you defeat Tanta Sila, Tanta Prav, Senseless Savant and the final boss. However, before taking on these bosses, you may want to learn how to craft, upgrade your equipment, and find all the Blessing Fountains. Meanwhile, understanding fast travel and clearing monuments will also help you on Fray’s journey through Athia.

List of Forgotten Hidden Achievements and Trophies

There are 30 hidden trophies for Forspoken, also known as achievements if you play on PC.

Forspoken, the altered Mylodon mutant from Barren Plains

If some of the requirements for these trophies seem confusing, don’t worry. You’ll unlock most of them simply by progressing through the story as the game tells you. However, for some trophies, it’s a good idea to take some time to explore side quests and look at the map more.

Here are all the hidden Forspoken trophies and achievements:

Trophy how to unlock it Qualification
Attached files Acquire a mysterious golden bracelet Bronze
Stuck Travel through another beautiful but deadly world. Bronze
The intruder Swear revenge on a mortal enemy Bronze
What should be done? Survive a terrible experience Bronze
Power and main Emerge victorious from a confrontation in a large fortress. Bronze
damned if you do Taste the sweetness of peace and the bitterness of disaster. Bronze
The tone of blue Submit to otherworldly justice Bronze
Without knowing Emerge victorious from a conflict in a twisted reality Bronze
The truth will come to light Emerge victorious in a test to end all tests. Bronze
Breaking point Learn a hard truth and accept a harder one Bronze
abandoned Hold the fate of a world in your hands Bronze
Explorer: Pathfinder Visit fifty points of interest. Bronze
Renaissance Address the needs of the people of Cipal Bronze
Promises Make a promise to someone very special. Bronze
Pilgrimage: Newbie Visit twenty monuments Bronze
Realized Potential Learn all the spells that can be learned. Bronze
Forest fire Defeat an enemy bound by the Entangled status effect with Sila’s magic. Bronze
craftsman Create a healing item and two of Frey’s original equipment. Bronze
From all angles Use all four types of Tanta magic in a single battle. Bronze
I’m almost there Hide for ten full seconds Bronze
Through the eyes of another: psychic Complete flashback challenges at ten Monuments to Wisdom. Bronze
Pilgrimage: Adept Visit fifty monuments Silver
Wake up Destroy great evil for the good of humanity Silver
Explorer: pioneer Visit one hundred points of interest Silver
Call from the Source: Beatified Acquire the magical powers available in all Fountains of Blessing. Silver
Sampler Learn every spell Silver
Kit and Caboodle Acquire every piece of equipment (except sub-quest pieces) Silver
Through the eyes of another: visionary Complete all flashback challenges at the Monument of Wisdom. Silver
abominizer Defeat the four abominations. Gold
Archivist Unlock 80% of the file Gold

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