Final Fantasy 16 Typhon boss strategy

Typhon is an Eikon, whose name will be familiar as a summoner and boss in previous Final Fantasy games, but takes a significantly different form in Final Fantasy 16.

Gone is the cartoonish pink monster, and in its place we get something a little more humanoid and nightmarish that appears from the literal void. He still has no legs and floats in the air.

As with Garuda, this is another Final Fantasy 16 battle consisting of multiple phases, as well as another showdown between Eikon and Eikon, although you’ll also awaken new powers, so don’t expect this fight to be the same.

Below you’ll learn how to defeat Typhon in Final Fantasy 16, as well as how to prepare for this formidable Eikon as you embark on a very important change in the story.

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How to prepare for Typhon in Final Fantasy 16

The fight against Typhon occurs at the end of the Drake’s Head level during the main scenario quest ‘The Crystals’ Curse’ in Final Fantasy 16, so you should have already made sure you equipped and forged the last gear in Hideaway since then. You can’t go back halfway through the level without restarting. However, you will find some potions that you can pick up nearby before entering the next area where the boss awaits.

While it’s worth spending the skill points from the previous fights before getting to this boss, it won’t be as important as, for most of this battle, you’ll be controlling Ifrit, so Clive’s own skills won’t matter. after the first phase.

As you start the level with your party members, you’ll take on this battle alone (sorry, Torgal is left out too), although it’s Eikon Ramuh who will start things off. There will be an important scene when these two Eikons clash before Clive finds himself transported to another plane where he will have to face Typhon head on.

How to defeat Typhon in Final Fantasy 16

Before you face Typhon in Final Fantasy 16, he is actually injured from his fight with Ramuh, with a huge staff impaled through his chest. During this phase, you will simply have to defend yourself against waves of Akashic enemies, starting with the revenants, followed by the wraiths, and then the specters. These mobs are fairly easy for Clive to take out with his usual swordplay and Eikon abilities, although you’ll have to keep an eye out for other attacks in the arena, such as AOE blasts and lasers.

As each wave passes, Typhon gains more time to remove the staff from his chest. Once you’ve dealt with the wraiths, a cutscene will play with a QTE asking you to press R1 for a cinematic dodge. Things are about to look up and at the end of this scene you will be back in control of Ifrit and now this battle is ready to begin.

Ifrit has an improved and faster moveset this time compared to the fight against Garuda. While that played out as a kaiju/wrestling match, this time your move sets are more like Clive’s, albeit on a more eikonic level.

For example, you can use R1 to dodge (and dodge accurately), charge your attacks with fireballs like Clive’s magic blast, and instead of dashing, you can simply run by holding Circle, while using the left stick to freely dodge . move in any direction. You’ll find more abilities listed under Eikonic Abilities in the main menu, though we definitely recommend pressing Square and X together to execute Heat Rush, essentially the Eikonic equivalent of a Shoryuken (it’s basically Ken, as much as it pains us to admit it).

If you were previously low on potions, Ifrit can thankfully heal himself with something similar called Firelight, which is also mapped to the d-pad just like your consumables and you’ll be able to use it six times.

With all this cleared up, let’s move on to the fight itself. Ifrit has the advantage of being able to come in quickly, while Typhon is quite slow. In one of his attacks, he raises his arm in the air and slams it in front of him. He also punches with his arms, either as a one-two combo or using both arms at the same time, and another where he lunges forward arm-first as a charge attack.

In all of the above cases, these attacks require you to raise your arms with a heavily telegraphed charging animation that makes it easy to time precise dodges to counter, while taking you a few seconds to recover from hitting your arm, allowing you to get in for some free hits. You can deal a lot of damage quickly, although it’s the will gauge that will decrease the fastest, so naturally you’ll want to stagger it to deal even more damage.

Typhon is a bit more of a threat from afar. He can move away from you and then start charging up an ability called Unending Clamor, which surrounds you in a huge purple circle that is charging up for an AOE attack. Simply run immediately out of the blast radius when this happens and you can even close the distance with Typhon to land a few hits before this move ends.

He will also sometimes shoot waves of blue projectiles at you or he can swing his arm across the ground, which sends a wave attack from the ground towards you. These can be dodged, although from the range you will be at, it will be better to counterattack with your own fireballs rather than a melee attack.

When Typhon’s health is almost low, he launches more ranged attacks. One has him using both arms to fire volleys of blue bullet-shaped projectiles. Another has lasers fired from his hands, which start at his sides before he moves them forward. If those lasers don’t catch you, then an explosion from the ground where the lasers hit seconds later will do so unless you dodge and get out of there.

In fact, you’ll have to keep hitting Typhon, even when his health is at zero, until you partially stun him. Then a scene plays out and of course the fight is far from over. Now you have to face Typhon the Transgressor.

How to defeat Typhon the Transgressor in Final Fantasy 16

With an extra pair of arms and a new hair color, Typhon the Transgressor is basically an upgraded version of himself, with some similar melee attacks that are still telegraphed the same way. Although this time, when he lowers his arms to punch forward, he usually follows up with a charging attack where those arms then swing back to catch you, so be sure to dodge this or use a quick recovery to get back up. quickly.

Again it’s the ranged attacks that pose the biggest threat, especially since you want to try and close the distance while also evading these attacks. He still has his Endless Clamor, but can now cover more ground as it sometimes involves multiple overlapping AOE attacks. Depending on your position, you may even drop them in their own zone. In any case, you’ll have to get out of the blast radius the moment it starts charging if you want to avoid taking huge damage.

In a new attack, he points a laser at you from his finger, which charges before firing a laser blast. If you can get close to him, so that you are below him, then you will be out of shooting range of his finger. The barrage of projectiles it fires also changes a bit, so instead of going off en masse, they’ll start aiming at you and you’ll have to dodge them.

Deadlier is Demon Wall, in which Typhon retreats a greater distance before sending a wall towards you. As he charges towards you, there will be a single space where you can position yourself to evade him. Running back and forth comes in handy here so you can line up against space in time. Since he will summon some walls towards you, suffice to say that you won’t have the luxury of trying to close the distance, so focus on not getting hit.

Another movement to take into account is Catacecaumene. Here, lasers will fire from all four of his arms towards the ground, which, in turn, will have pillars of lasers that will fire randomly from the ground. Just to confuse you even more, he will also perform Unending Clamor in the middle of this. In our experience, you’re actually less likely to get hit by the first one than the second due to the wide AOE, but don’t get distracted and just run away from there before it hits.

It’s really about evading these big attacks and then closing in on a flurry of Ifrit attacks while also taking advantage of the stagger where possible. If you get caught in major damage, don’t forget to use Firelight to heal yourself.

When Typhon is down to about 10 percent of his health, things are easy as we get back to the QTEs.

You’ll receive a surprise attack, which will be followed by a prompt to press R1 for a cinematic dodge. Next you’ll have to smash Square for a cinematic clash, before Ifrit prepares his Hellfire move, which this time is a huge fireball formed in the air. You can’t use it right away, as there’s another prompt to press R1 for a cinematic dodge, then a final mix of Square for a cinematic clash before you can finally unleash Hellfire and end the fight.

Typhoon Reward in Final Fantasy 16

Defeating Typhon in Final Fantasy 16 will give you 870 XP, 200 Skill Points, and 3,500 Gil. In terms of loot, you’ll receive a special accessory called The Breath of Fire, which when equipped reduces the cooldown of the Flames of Rebirth Eikon ability by 12 seconds, as well as 25 Razor Fangs, 20 Steel Silk, and 70 Crafting Materials. of magic ash.

Thats not all. There’s also an important scene right after this fight and while you’ll want to see it for yourself, this is when Clive will also unlock the power of Ramuh, your third Eikon in the game. Get ready because the story and timeline of Final Fantasy 16 are about to change drastically. In many ways, the game has only just begun!

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